Happy Birthday Jeff!!


Today is another special day at our house – my husband, Jeff, is celebrating his birthday today! We will be celebrating out for dinner tonight at his restaurant of choice – Braum’s – for some burgers and ice cream. I need to get in the kitchen pretty soon and start working on a cherry cheesecake to surprise him with – this is one of his favorite desserts. He and Tommy have gone off to a men’s work day at church this morning, so I should be able to get it put together before they get back.

I thank God every year on this day for creating Jeff and for giving him to me for my husband. He is a selfless, Godly man who works hard to provide for his family. He gets up early each morning to drive into work, so that he can get off early and have more time at home with his family in the evenings. He is always looking for ways to make his income go farther, so that he will have money to supply us with our needs (and a few wants) and to have some to give away to further God’s work in the world.

He loves the Lord and seeks to serve and obey Him in all areas of his life, growing in his relationship with the Lord and teaching his children how to do the same. He has a strong heart for evangelism and for helping those in need around the world. His heart is a tender one and he can easily be moved to tears by something that touches his heart. He has always been sentimental and sweet in giving me special gifts throughout the years to bless me.

He loves baseball and has been an avid collector of baseball cards for years. His favorite team is the Chicago Cubs, who he has followed since his childhood.

He is a fun-loving man with a good sense of humor. He loves to be silly and laugh and have fun. Here he is dressed up as Groucho Marx with Laura as Harpo at our recent family costume birthday party –


What a couple of characters! Another of Jeff’s great interests is weather and severe storms. He has a degree in Meteorology and loves to be outside during a storm while the rest of us are hiding inside. I like to jokingly tell him that he “doesn’t have enough sense to come in out of the rain”, when he does this! He has taken a number of great weather pictures over the years, and will stop the car for a photoshoot when the clouds give him a show worth capturing.

He is my comforter when I am down, my voice of reason when I can’t think straight anymore, my helper when I am overwhelmed, and my calm amidst the storm. He loves me and our children and is always working for our good, as the Lord leads him.

We are so blessed by his life, love, and wisdom and thank God for the gift he is to all of us.

Happy Birthday, Sweetie!

I love you,


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  1. Your dad and I are also thankful for your kind and loving husband. He is like a son to us and we are grateful that the Lord has blessed you and our grandchildren with such a man as this. We wish him a happy birthday and will appropriately celebrate him on Thanksgiving Day.

    Love you all,

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