Help for Growing Families – Stairs Baskets


Welcome to this week’s installment of Help for Growing Families! This week I would like to tell you about our stairs baskets. We live in a two story house and this is a great help to us. If you live in a single story, maybe there’s a way to adapt this idea for your home – but, probably, you won’t need this as much.

You may have seen the baskets that are sold for staircases – the idea behind them being that you place a basket on the stairs, and drop things in it throughout the day that need to go upstairs. Then, when you’re ready to go up, you just take the basket up with you and distribute it at that time. This saves many trips up and down, as well as keeping your house neater throughout the day.

I have adapted this idea to suit our large family. I have three baskets on my stairs – one for the girls’ room, one for the boys’ room, and one for the hall and linen closet. I have used decorative (but not expensive) baskets, so that they will look nice, but still be functional.


We put things in them all day long, including clean laundry. At chore time before dinner, while each child is cleaning their assigned room for the week (go here to read about how that works), they simply put items in the appropriate basket. Part of chore time is for them to take up their room’s basket and put things away.

Now, the only down side is that most days the stairs look like this during the day –


But, we don’t mind this so much as long as it is emptied before dinnertime. This is a simple idea, but it works for our family and has made life in a two-story home much easier.

For more helpful tips, please visit Mother Hen at Ship Full O’ Pirates to find the list of participants in this week’s Help for Growing Families.



2 Responses

  1. I love the picture of little David with his Mickey Mouse shirt on. What a beautiful smile!

  2. LOL! I just saw this post…love the last picture with the girls’ basket overflowing!

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