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Christmas Tree Day!


Last Friday was one of our family’s favorite days of the year – the day we hunt down and bring home our Christmas tree and decorate it. Jeff took the day off work and we started the festivities with lunch out to Burger King. We’ve been going to Burger King every year on Tree Day for as long as I can remember, and it’s one of those traditions that the children won’t let us change. After lunch we headed to Lowe’s to look for a tree – also a tradition, which we tried to change this year by considering going to a tree farm, but the children protested so much, we relented and headed to Lowe’s again (maybe next year!). After a bit of searching for “the perfect tree”, we all agreed on a 7 ft. Noble Fir that we all loved and they wrapped it up, put it in the van and we headed for home.

Now – you’re wondering where all the pictures are of this outing, right? Well, I did take a few pictures at Burger King, but was banned from publishing them by a couple of girls, who thought they weren’t very favorable. Why there are no pictures at Lowe’s is attributed to my forgetful brain, or maybe the excitement of the hunt (sounds better) – either way, I didn’t once think to pull out my camera and capture the moment. Oh, well.

I did remember to take photos at home, though. Here is our lovely selection, already standing in the tree stand in it’s annual spot in the living room –


Getting the tree to this point was accomplished much quicker than usual and without the usual arguing fussing over whether it was straight or not.

Uh-oh. . . do you see who’s under the tree? Remember last year? This made us a bit nervous –


But, I guess Macey has grown up some in the last year, because other than an occasional visit to the back of the tree to hide in the forest (so she thinks), she has not tried to climb, eat, or destroy the tree this year – a welcome change.

Time to test the lights. This job falls to Jeff and Tommy, but they had a few extra helpers this year –


After the lights were on, we took a break for snacks. You can see the spread at the top of the post. It included: Chex Mix, Chex Buddies, Cheese Ball and Crackers and Cheese Crisps (which didn’t make it into the picture, as they were still in the oven when we started eating). Chex Buddies are usually the favorite item on the list, so Ryan took it upon himself to protect them from all of the little fingers before they were put on plates –


And then the okay was given to dig in –


We also served hot apple cider with cinnamon and cloves –


Back to decorating – Robert, our oldest, had arrived by this time, and we started in on the ornaments –



And the final result –


And, of course, you have to turn off all the lights and look at it in the dark! –


Then, we kicked back and put in “A Christmas Story” for our first viewing of the year – I think it is becoming a tradition to save this movie for Tree Day each year – at least I heard those words floating around. Of course, we kept working on those snacks while we watched. A lovely day, all around.



Have you gotten your tree up yet?


2 Responses

  1. I love that you have an annual tree day. It sounded like a very festive and fun day! We put our tree up the day after Thanksgiving.

  2. We have a “Charlie Brown” Christmas tree this year at home…


    At work I have a small Feather Tree and a wee full-fake one.

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