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On the 12th Day ‘Til Christmas. . .

photo courtesy of Corbis

Well, here’s the 12th day, a day late! I really did mean to get it written yesterday, but was pretty much gone all day and night, as you will see – so, here it is now!

The 12th day ’til Christmas started with the excitement over the arrival of Jeff’s paycheck in the bank, ending a 2-3 week drought around here – woo-hoo! Let the Christmas shopping begin!

Well, it didn’t start immediately. Jeff and Laura left early for a meeting at church, followed by a couple of hours volunteering at the animal shelter. I started the day a bit slow – I had fallen ill the evening before with a bad dizzy spell and was trying go slow, so as not to go down again.

At lunchtime, I drove the kids through Burger King for Nintendo Wii toys lunch. They were thrilled to not be eating bread and water again. (No, it really wasn’t that bad – but my children think that there’s no food in the house when the freezer is empty of frozen treats.)

After lunch, I left Matthew in charge and headed out to start shopping. (The bribe of Burger King helped to get him out of bed for the task.) I only got one store done when it was time to head back home and pick him up for work. Jeff and Laura were home by this time to take over babysitting.

After dropping Mattie off at work, I headed back to the stores – or store, to be more exact. I spent the whole afternoon at one store, amazingly enough. It was much fun . . . and crowded.


I left the store at 5:40pm. We were supposed to leave home to go to Jeff’s company dinner at 6:00. I would have just enough time to change my clothes and leave. I called Jeff on the way to say I was . . . well, on the way, and he asked how I’d feel about not going to the company dinner. It was quite a distance away and he didn’t want to be that far away from home with just Laura babysitting. It was supposed to have been Ryan, but they needed him to work, so he wasn’t able to come. He said he would rather go out to eat close by and do a little . . . yes, Christmas shopping. I was still not feeling totally up to par, so the idea of not getting all gussied up and going to a fancy “ball” sounded wonderful and much more relaxing to me (big relief!).

After a little time to relax and talk with the children, we headed out once again to dinner – soup and salad bars at a local deli. It was a nice, relaxing time, discussing our Christmas list and being together. Did I mention it was relaxing? I needed “relaxing” after the preceding 24 hours.

After dinner, we visited a couple of stores, and were thinking of heading home, when we realized that it was time to pick up Matthew from work. This wouldn’t have been any big deal, except that he wasn’t going home, but was needing to be dropped off at a friend’s house for the night – in the opposite direction, so we called Laura and said we’d be home later than we expected, and off we went to deliver Matthew. Then, finally, we headed home. Whew!


Only one child was asleep when we got home. There had been two asleep, but David woke up right before we got there and decided to stay awake and see Mommy – he wasn’t used to me being gone for so many hours. We kissed the rest soundly and sent them to bed and sat down to put up our feet, while watching my daily dose of “Arthur’s Perfect Christmas’ (did you think I was kidding when I said I watch it everyday?), and recording the day’s purchases onto “the list”, until we finally took our weary selves off to bed, too, and got a much needed good night’s rest.

So, that was my day. The children spent the day watching Christmas movies, wrapping a little bit, eating (the second return home had brought the much anticipated snacks back into the house), and wondering what Mom could possibly be buying in all that time. I must say that it was a fun day, one I had looked forward to for weeks, even if it was exhausting. I was so encouraged to find most everything that I was looking for at the stores I went to, which made a huge dent in our list. I had been concerned that doing all of the shopping in just over one week was going to be like climbing a mountain, but after accomplishing so much yesterday, I’m feeling much better about it, and think I might even have time to bake some cookies this week, after all. There is still a bit of shopping to do before it’s all over (not to mention restocking the house with all of the things we are out of after “the drought”), but it should be enjoyable and not stressful.

Check back later, for my 11th day post – another busy day on hand with church, the December family birthday party and Christmas lights!

Have a beautiful day!



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  1. Whew…gotta go put my feet up now, they hurt.

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