On the 11th Day ’til Christmas . . .


The 11th day ’til Christmas found us celebrating the December birthdays in our family. We met at the lovely home of my brother and sister-in-law to celebrate 4 birthdays – two of my children (Laura and Michael), my nephew and my sister-in-law. As always, their home was decorated beautifully for the season –


I loved this display my sister-in-law set up on her stairs with the old sled that my siblings and I used to have hours of fun with while growing up –


We ate pizza and build-your-own salads, with cheesecake, big chocolate chip cookie, and ice cream for dessert –


We enjoyed our time together, planned the Christmas menu, and took turns telling some of our favorite Christmas memories from the past. The kids always enjoy the big box of dress-up clothes at my brother’s house and come into the living room wearing different combinations of items that they think is so funny. Anna always goes for the same costume, the princess dress – no surprise there –


Michael was thrilled to receive lots of Legos and Laura added nicely to her savings for an I-Pod –


When we bid the family farewell for the night, we set off to look at Christmas lights. The first place we headed was to this house which we visit each year. They put out lots of lights and convert their garage into Santa’s Workshop. The kids love it, but especially David, as it was all new to him this year and there was a dancing Mickey Mouse inside (his favorite character). Here are a few pictures from our stop –




This tree was simply beautiful –


We rode around for awhile longer and enjoyed the sights before driving home and retiring for the night.



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  1. Oooohhh…love all the Christmas lights!

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