Happy Birthday Laura!!


Today is my daughter, Laura’s 15th birthday!

I thought I’d write an acrostic for her –

L – loveable, laughing, lovely

A – amiable, artistic

U – understanding

R – resourceful, responsible

A – animal lover extraordinaire

We are blessed by her life and her presence in our family. She is beautiful inside and out, and her sincere love for the Lord is a joy to my heart. She is a major help to me each and every day and is a fun companion in our late night movie watching. She has a love for animals (especially dogs) that drives her passion for rescuing and caring for them. Her drawings amaze me, as she is quite talented with a pencil and sketchpad. She spends much time writing stories, as well, and is a lover of good books. She is precious, silly, fun-loving, gentle, considerate, and wise for her years.

She is so special to me and we love her very much!


Happy Birthday, sweet daughter!



2 Responses

  1. Wishing Laura a joyous and happy 15th Birthday! Enjoy your day!

  2. I remember when you were so excited to have your first girl! Happy birthday to Laura from the Abrahamsons.

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