On the 10th Day ’til Christmas . . .


The 10th day ’til Christmas turned out completely differently than I had planned, but then, that’s not unusual! I started the day with the plan to go out shopping all afternoon. I had several places to go which were a little ways from home, and was going to make that trip to restock the house.

At around 12:30 pm, I left the house, all bundled up. A cold front had blown in overnight which had dropped temperatures into the 20’s. It was cold, but I was willing to bear it (I really don’t like cold!) in order to get some more shopping done. Besides, it was Christmasy weather, right? At least that’s what I was telling myself.

As I traveled down the road, not very far from home, it began. It started as tiny drops of rain, something not forecasted until nighttime. I turned on my windshield wipers to deal with it and discovered that the raindrops were freezing on my windshield. I was quickly growing a sheet of ice on the windshield and losing visibility. I panicked a little and then thought to switch on the defroster on the highest fan setting to try to melt the ice. I was traveling on a road with no shoulder and nowhere to pull over. I slowed to a crawl and was glad to see that a small bar of clear was appearing at the bottom of the windshield, as the defroster did it’s job. I drove a little bit further peering through the slowly enlarging bar until I came to a side street, where I turned off and stopped until the windshield had cleared enough to see well again.

singlesnowflake singlesnowflake singlesnowflake

By this time the rain had turned to sleet, but my windshield was warm enough to combat it. I decided to start off again. A Sonic restaurant was nearby, so I pulled in there to wait and see what was going to happen with the weather and think about whether to go home or try to continue on my way. The sleet stopped and the cars seemed to be moving fine, so I thought that maybe I would try to go. This seemed to be a good decision . . . until . . . I crossed the overpass of the highway. It was frozen – and I had to try to avoid hitting the cars in front of me, which wasn’t easy when braking caused the van to slide. I put the car in neutral (I wasn’t quite sure that this was the right thing, but I kind of went into automatic pilot, and somewhere in my brain I remembered something about doing this in this situation!) and tapped my brakes until I got to the unfrozen pavement on the other side of the overpass. It could have gone either way, but thankfully the Lord helped me to not hit anyone. At this point, there was no more decision making to be done – I headed straight for home – a little shaken, but glad that I hadn’t gotten farther away and into more trouble.

The sleet started up again, but by this time, I was home and inside in safety. I spent the rest of the afternoon on the computer and the phone. On the computer, doing some online shopping and on the phone with Jeff, while he visited a few of the stores that I didn’t make it to (but were on his way) – walking him through the stores with my list. So, I did get some of the shopping done that I had planned to, just in a different way than I had planned! The bad weather was confined to my immediate area, and didn’t affect Jeff at all. When it was time for him to come home, I was praying and expecting it to take him a long time, because the sleet was falling steadily and building up on our yard and driveway. He had no problem getting home at all, much to my amazement and relief! Oh, and by then, they had sanded that scary overpass, so he didn’t experience what I had. It was so good to have him safely home.

We sat down to Spaghetti, Caeser Salad and Italian bread for dinner, and watched Frosty the Snowman – rather appropriate, I think. The children have been clamoring for me to start wrapping presents. Hopefully, I’ll have time to do some of that tomorrow. Of course, we’ll have to wait and see if my plans change direction again!

Have a warm and cozy day!



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  1. Geez! Glad you are safe and sound after that day! Overpasses and bridges are ALWAYS icy in times like that…too much cold air underneath them.

    Stay warm! We are having a blast of cold Canadian air…highs in the 20’s. It snowed on Friday and yesterday. Now it’s just clear and cold.

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