On the 1st Day ’til Christmas. . .(as well as a few I missed!)


To be brief and just hit the highlights. . .

6th Day. . .Michael’s birthday – we baked and decorated cupcakes, I did a little shopping, and we had a blast at Chuck E. Cheese for Michael’s birthday dinner, followed by the cupcakes and a treasure hunt at home for his presents.



Ooo, and this lovely package arrived in the mail –


5th Day. . .I delivered Laura to a Christmas party for her Bible Study group and spent the rest of the afternoon shopping until it was time to pick her up. I was able to get quite a bit done, but didn’t finish with the shopping.

4th Day. . .Three of the children sang in the Children’s Choir at church, wearing their Christmas finery (no pictures – I couldn’t find the camera in the Sunday morning rush). Church was followed by our monthly fellowship meal (always a yummy assortment and good conversation). After all of the church activities were over, I headed out to. . .guess where. . .shopping! I ended up being out longer than I had anticipated, but I completely finished all of the Christmas shopping, as well as grocery shopping. Jeff heated up frozen pizzas for the kids and I brought he and I home Long John Silver’s for dinner. I propped my feet up and watched “White Christmas” – or actually half of “White Christmas” – until I fell soundly asleep on the couch.

lisasholidaybaking10lg lisasholidaybaking11lg lisasholidaybaking13lg

3rd Day. . .Baking Day One!! One of my favorite parts of the Christmas season (just like my mother!) is the last few days before Christmas when I do all of the special baking each year. After another quick trip to the grocery store for several sale items, I started in on the fun. I baked a triple recipe of Cherry Cookies and 3 batches of Fudge (2 with nuts and one without). The children had fun putting the cherries on the cookies and licking the fudge spoons, not to mention sampling warm cookies.

2nd Day. . .Baking Day Two! Today I baked a batch of Haystacks, better known around here as Peanut Butter Butterscotch Cookies. I didn’t have time to bake the second batch, so I will be doing that on Christmas Eve. I dropped Matthew at work and we all straightened up the house for evening guests – my brother-in-law and sister-in-law, who were bringing a projector and a screen so that we could watch “It’s A Wonderful Life” on the “big screen”. We ordered pizzas and had salad, chips and dips, and Christmas goodies for dessert. The movie was so much fun to watch this way and was enjoyed by all – even the snoring husband (who took his usual evening nap during the second half) and the 2 year old, who had the most fun walking back and forth in front of the projector so that he could see his head on the screen.

Today. . .the 1st day ’til Christmas. . .Christmas Eve!! This is my favorite day of the Christmas season. It will include, among other things, some cookie baking, gift wrapping, delivering Christmas cookies to the neighbors and the arrival of my two oldest sons to spend the night and tomorrow with us!


Have a wonderful and joyous Christmas Eve!



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