Happy Birthday Matthew!!!


Today is our son, Matthew’s 18th birthday!! I can hardly believe it – I’m sure it was just a few years ago that he was born! I can remember so clearly playing cards with Jeff while in labor at the hospital waiting for him to arrive. And then seeing his sweet face for the first time! It couldn’t have been 18 years ago!

Matthew is our third child and third son. He is our oldest at home now and will be graduating from high school this year. He is the first of our children to have been homeschooled from kindergarten on up, and he was the first child that I taught to read myself. These days he teaches me with his natural technical skills and computer know-how. He amazes me with the things he can do in both arenas, and is the one I run to when my computer decides to stop cooperating with me. He has always been very inquisitive and curious about how things work and has the perseverance and determination to find out what he wants to know.

Matthew has a great quiet wit, that is usually only shared with those of us at home. He enjoys spending time with his friends, his job, and his time on the computer and video games.

It hasn’t been easy for him growing up with 2 older brothers, and he has felt himself to be in their shadow for most of his life. But, I have watched him grow into a fine young man with his own gifts and talents from the Lord. He is a very special person, and I am more proud of him than he can know.

The picture below was taken on Thanksgiving. I had commented on the fact that I thought Matthew was growing to look a lot like my father. So, we pulled out this picture of my Dad, taken when he was just a few years older than Matthew is now, and the resemblance was amazing –


So, we are celebrating again this weekend and thanking the Lord for the wonderful blessing of Matthew, whose name appropriately means “God’s gift”.

Happy Birthday Mattie!!!

I love you,


2 Responses

  1. I have some good memories of Matthew. His persistence is what I remember most about him as a little boy. I remember a time when he was not yet two and he wanted milk. He brought the big jug of milk to me from the fridge. It was almost bigger than he was. He always loved to help me in my vegetable garden and I would let him pick tomatoes and peppers. Then there was the time when he was two and insisted on shooting hoops with teenage boys in the park. They were nice enough to let him. They were amazed too at how good he was. At that time, we were certain he would turn pro when he was older!! He’s very special, and we’re proud of him also.

  2. Hi Mom!

    I remember those times too! Thanks for your sweet words – I told Mattie to make sure he read the blog and especially your comments.


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