So Many Visitors!


Our feeders have been all aflutter lately (lesson learned – keep them filled with food). I wanted to share some pictures of our visitors. I took these pictures through my kitchen window, with the telephoto setting, so I apologize for the quality. I couldn’t go outside to take them – the birds all fly off when I do!

These same birds have been daily visitors for awhile now, but I took these pictures on the last icy day we had, which explains the icicles on the birdfeeder. This first one is of a Woodpecker. He looked so big compared to the little Chickadees that are so often around –


Here is a different Woodpecker. I love the coloring on this bird. We have since seen one like this with a touch of red on the head that I guess must be the male, making the one in the picture most likely the female –


Here is a Chickadee and a Cardinal feasting together –


And a beautiful Cardinal sheltering from the cold –


An exciting visitor was this Blue Jay. Now I have lived all of my life in the suburbs up until almost 4 years ago, and Blue Jays were very common sightings. But, since moving here, I rarely see them. On this day I saw several of them, but caught this one on the ground under one of the feeders –


And here’s another one – just because it was so exciting! –


Other visitors that I didn’t get pictures of include the daily Juncos who hop around on the ground beneath the feeder and the Tufted Titmice who were absent the day of the ice, but have been visiting regularly ever since. Oh, and I could mention the squirrel who takes over the feeder each morning to the frustration of our feathered friends. I thought I had a picture of him, too . . . now where is that? Just a minute . . . aha, there he is –


I’ve got another post coming soon with pictures of our other outdoor visitors – the two little kitties who are living in our barn, who are becoming much braver and spending quite a bit of time on our patio or by the back door, waiting for food (thanks to Laura).

Have a wonderful evening!



3 Responses

  1. Hi Nancy! Your mom emailed me, urging me to have a look at your blog because she knows that I also am a bird-watcher. I enjoyed your photos! Aren’t birds fun? I was surprised that you have ice down there. I always picture Texas as being warm.
    Anyway, just wanted to let you know that I admire your birds. Also thought maybe you’d like to know that the first woodpecker is a female red-bellied woodpecker and the second is a female hairy woodpecker.
    Your cousin, Julie

  2. Hello Julie!!

    I was so excited to hear from you! I hope that all are doing well in your family and enjoying the new year. It was good to hear from your Dad at Christmastime.

    Yes, we have great fun watching the birds and I get so excited when I spot a new one. Thank you for identifying the woodpeckers for me – I was too busy watching them to go hunt down the book and look them up. I must say, however, that “hairy” woodpecker just doesn’t do the poor bird justice! She was so lovely!

    We do have our cold days down here, but thankfully they don’t last long, and when it ices everything shuts down – which is really rather nice every now and then.

    Thanks for visiting and please let me hear from you again! Say hello to your sisters for me, too!


  3. I love these pictures. Some stray cats chased off (or ate?) the birds we had but then last week a bunch of chickadees were in our backyard. So, I have to go out and fill the feeder for them. I was so excited to see them. I would love to see a woodpecker or cardinal.

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