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The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ January 19

Hello! I’m a little late with my Daybook today, as I had to take Sarah to the Dr. this morning with an ear infection and then the Internet has been acting up. Most of our household has been battling an ugly cold/cough for the last week or so, but thankfully this is our first trip to the Dr. – maybe not the last – I’m still watching Anna, who may need to go soon if she doesn’t start turning the corner. Between Sarah being up several times in the night, Michael waking with a bad dream, David and Anna waking up alternately, and my own staying up until 1:00 watching Lord of the Rings with Jeff and Laura – it wasn’t a very restful night, and I’m feeling a bit tired today. Hopefully, Sarah will sleep better tonight (and everyone else!), and I can get more rest. Anyway, better late than never with my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . .Bright sunny skies with a temperature in the mid-50’s. Jack is basking in the sun in his dog run, and all of the Christmas lights have been removed from the house for another year.
I am thinking. . .not much today – mostly mush.
From the learning room. . .we are studying the Robert Frost poem “Stopping By Woods On a Snowy Evening”. We discussed Robert Frost today, as well as John F. Kennedy, and the effect of repetition in poetry. This afternoon the children will cut out snowflakes and we will tape them to the dining room windows. The rest of the week we will be discussing rhyme and rhyme scheme, reading poetry by various poets, discussing snow and its formation and usefulness, hibernation of animals, and medium and style in art. We will be painting snow pictures and making peanut butter/birdseed pinecones for the birds. In our Bible lesson, we are discussing the fruit of the Spirit: peace, which goes along nicely with our poetry study. Now, if I could only order snow for the week!
I am thankful for. . .medicine to take when we are ill.
From the kitchen. . .Chicken Stuffing Casserole with Swiss Cheese, Mixed Vegetables, and Raspberry Pretzel Salad – the one that I was suppossed to make last week, but didn’t when I realized we were out of pretzels. If you’re wondering how the Chicken and Dumplings went – I didn’t end up making that either, since we decided to enjoy the beautiful weather and spend the afternoon at the park, and so I have postponed it until another time.
I am wearing. . .lavender polo shirt, blue jeans and white Keds.
I am creating. . .I will be starting my new Block of the Month quilt as soon as possible – a Seasonal Row by Row Sampler quilt. The Beattitudes quilt I have been working on is actually last year’s BOM program (which I got woefully behind on). I will still be working on that one, but need to start the new one, because it uses Thangles to make lots of little squares and triangles and I have never used them before. If I can’t figure them out, the quilt store is offering a class at the end of the month for help if I need it.
I am going. . .to be working on decluttering Anna’s room, so that we can paint it.
I am reading. . .still “Stepping Heavenward” and “Overcoming Fear, Worry, and Anxiety”.
I am hoping. . .for a good night’s sleep tonight.
I am hearing. . .Tommy playing Jingle Bells on the piano for the tenth (twentieth?) time, some other children moaning every time he starts it yet again, the bell on the dryer going off – summoning me to fold.
Around the house. . .all of the Christmas decorations finally headed back up into the attic yesterday, so things look much less cluttered, some thriving Poinsettias that I can’t stand to throw away after Christmas, and Anna has set up a tea party for her dolls on a blanket on the floor of my bedroom.
One of my favorite things. . .little girls and tea parties.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .cleaning the house, eye dr. apptmt. rescheduled from last week (the dr. got sick!), ladies study at church, a midnite showing of “Inkheart” for Jeff, Laura, Matthew, and Ryan and some of their friends, basketball games (picture day), a game party at a friend’s house for Laura, and possibly (yes, the key word is possibly, kids) a trip to the ice rink at the mall to skate.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

Some goodies that recently came in the mail from Gooseberry Patch.


To read more Daybook entries, please visit Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook, and have a nice evening!



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