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Barn Cats



I have mentioned before that awhile back we discovered some kitties living in our barn. Laura was the one who made the discovery and spent quite a bit of time sitting out there observing them and trying to befriend them. I think it worked, because they eventually started visiting our back patio and peering in the windows –


It might also be because she started feeding them cat food, hot dogs and bologna. So now, most every morning and evening, we see this sight at one of the back doors –


We throw some food out to them, which they gobble up . . .


. . . with ever a watchful eye out for danger – they are still quite afraid of us and run off when we come outside –

We used to think that these two were mother and baby, but now I am more inclined to think that they are siblings. They are the only ones who visit us so close, but we have spotted others around the barn also, although we’re not sure if they are living there or just visiting. Laura has spotted a gray cat a few times and we’ve seen this one a number of times as well – possibly the mother? She was quite attracted to the birdfeeder and I was glad that all the birds flew away when she entered the area –


Our two indoor cats are not too thrilled about the presence of the barn cats – Missy growls at them through the window – when she’s awake, that is – most of the time she looks like this –


She can’t help it – she’s an old lady and likes to spend her time dozing. Macey, who is young and much more active, keeps a sharp eye on them when they’re around. She has taken to sitting on this shelf while peering out at them – maybe she thinks she’s hiding there and can secretly spy?! –


We think they are really cute and, though we’re not quite sure what we are going to do with them yet, we’re enjoying watching their antics and their sweet faces –



Thanks for stopping by and have a wonderful weekend!


3 Responses

  1. I have never had an orange cat but always wanted one! They are so cute. The one I have now is a white stray we took in (was abandoned in Arkansas at my grandmother’s property). I love seeing these pictures! Rosemary found out today that she is having a boy (due June 9)!

  2. I know what to do with them 😉
    *cough* the boy anyway *cough*
    He’s basically tamed! I mean, he kinda only trusts me but he can get used to everyone else! How can you resist his sweetness? Besides, if the other has kittens (which she probably will, seeing as what we discovered tonight) then she’ll have plenty of other cats for warmth – Edward would be an outcast! You don’t want THAT, do you? =P

    -Your ebil daughter

  3. We had feral kitties in our backyard when we rented from my husband’s grandmother…below are the pictures I took of them. We caught most of them and they were adopted out by both us and the animal control.


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