Back and Busy. . .

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Oh, the joy of a speedy internet! After spending the last few days in turtleland, it’s so nice to be back up to rabbit speed. Now I just need to find the time to write!

The next few days are going to be busy indeed. We will be working on school projects, making Valentines, baking cookies, shopping, playing basketball, delivering Valentine baskets to the hospital, as well as a meal to our friends with the new baby. And that just gets me through Saturday!

Here is a sample of one thing that I hope to do with the children this afternoon, in the form of this poem by Leland B. Jacobs –

A Special Valentine

“It’s time to make my valentines,”
To Mother I had said.
“I must have ribbons and I’ll need
Some slices of your bread.”

“What will you make?” my mother asked;
I did not tell her, though.
“You’ll be surprised,” was my reply,
“But you’ll be pleased, I know.”

Out to the kitchen then I ran,
And soon I’d finished there
My strange new kind of valentine
That, none the less, was fair.

I hung my valentines outdoors
All tied with ribbons red,
And snowflakes made a dainty lace
For each white heart of bread.

When Mother saw what I had made,
She smiled and said, “How fine!
Now all the hungry little birds
Will have a valentine!”


I’ll be back later when I get a moment. Have a wonderful day!



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