Antique Shopping


I shared in my Daybook earlier this week that Jeff had taken me antique shopping for Valentine’s last weekend. He knows my love for primitive, especially pioneer-related, especially pioneer kitchen-related items, and we have often found just such items in the old downtown square close by.

This trip was no exception, but the most exciting find was this barn red primitive hutch. It is now sitting in my kitchen while I eagerly ponder exactly what all to fill it with. Here are a few pictures of it and some of the items I have chosen so far –


These two bowls (one a small crock) were purchased last weekend as well. The little one has “Mama” written on the bottom of it – so sweet.

The canning jars here were my grandmother’s. They had been living on top of my cabinets, where I couldn’t see them very well and where they were gathering dust (as you can see). I am glad to have them down where I can see them (especially after I give them a good washing!) The little glass nesting hen was being displayed in the hutch at the store, and I thought it added a nice touch. This rolling pin is my newest addition to my small, but ever-growing collection (see next picture) – I love the colors on it, the deep and worn red on the handles and the darker color to the wood.

My rolling pin collection. Some of them have suffered as they used to be stored on a shelf on the wall, and periodically fell to the floor, but I still love them, and they’ll be much safer here. The potholder in the background is my very first quilt block that I made a few years ago. I made it into a potholder, but only use it for decoration.

Another bowl that I found last weekend – I just love the history that is evident all over it.

My sweet little strawberry picking basket, complete with wooden strawberries.

This is an old egg basket given to me by my brother-in-law – it was left in the bank when they moved in. (That reminds me – I never did write that follow-up post on the bank renovations – guess I’ll search out the pictures and add that one to my list forthcoming!) The little silver pail is definitely not primitive or antique, but it reminds us all of the little lunch pail that Laura and Mary carry in Little House, so it is present for it’s pioneer inspiration!

I love the little drawer in the hutch, which will soon be filled with cloth napkins that I use for wrapping up bread and rolls.

The bottom two shelves will be holding baskets (what else?), but, so far, it only holds the girls’ little picnic set . . .

. . .and sometimes Macey.

I will be shifting all of these items around to make room for my Yankee candle storage, and possibly my grandmother’s old everyday dishes, which would look lovely here, as well. I want to add more berries to the top and possibly some little white lights. It’s a work in progress, which I will also probably be tweaking for each season, so expect more pictures as I work on it.

Just a couple more pictures, showing some of the old details that I love so much. First, the latch in the front – all nice and worn and rusty.

One of the top corners showing the trim that runs along the two sides.

The sides are made up of this wonderful paned pattern –

Well, I hope I haven’t bored you too much with this tour of my new hutch! It took awhile to get it posted as I was having trouble with the camera – it kept making the red look pinkish -eww! I love pink, but the hutch is definitely not pink! Jeff taught me how to turn off my flash, so that the color is more true.

We have been busy all week with school projects that I will share soon. We have a packed weekend up ahead, so you may not hear from me until Monday, unless I get a few moments. Have a wonderful day and weekend yourself!



4 Responses

  1. I LOVE IT!!! I also have a few primitive kitchen items – mostly from my dad’s grandmother/GGM. This is beautiful and you are stocking it well!

  2. Wow!!! I love it! It is so gorgeous. And the rolling pin collection is so cool. Along with everything else in it. Such a great find.

  3. OMGOSH! It’s beautiful…and I LOVE everything that you put into it…even the kitty! 🙂

  4. PS: Can’t wait to see the updated Bank Home phots.

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