Prayer/Personal Journals


Tuesday night was our monthly Keepers of the Faith club meeting. It was my month to teach and our topic was prayer and personal journaling. I thought it would be fun to decorate our own journals, and we decided to include the boys (Contenders of the Faith club) as well.

Jeff did a talk on prayer and then I did one on journaling, after which we all dug into the craft supplies and started creating. It was so much fun to see the different ideas that all of the children came up with for their journals. The children made smaller journals than the one pictured above (which was beautifully made by Laura yesterday). Here are some of the samples that I made to show at the club meeting –

This one is a girly one, simple but frilly –

And one for the boys – I love this paper with the vintage cowboys on it! –

On this one, the notebook was already so decorative, that I had Sarah just add ribbons – it turned out great and made this one the easiest one to make!

I take that back – this was the easiest to make. I took a ready made journal that I found on the clearance rack at Michael’s for 50 cents -added a ribbon and pencil, and a sticker on the front to cover up a “T” initial (which would only work for Tommy around here, and he wasn’t too keen about the pink color!) –

Here is one that Laura made as another sample. She added a ribbon bookmark to hers –

Laura also made this one using a blank assignment book –

Tommy created this one using two different scrapbook papers, stickers, ribbon and a leather cord –

Our basic plan was to cover a small notebook with scrapbook paper and then embellish it with ribbon or twine and stickers. My stamp club leader showed me how to do this, so that I could share it with the children. Thanks Michele! Want to try it yourself? Here are the steps:

– Separate the cover from the rest of the notebook by either: removing the spiral wire by rotating it around and around until it is removed – or by sliding it off of the spiral (if it is designed this way). It just depends on the design of the spiral.

– Lay the cover on the back of the chosen scrapbook paper and trace around it, also tracing the spiral holes on the edge.

– Cut out the paper on the traced lines and then punch out the holes along the edge. You need to try to carefully match the size of the holes with your punch. I ended up using my eyelet hole punch with a hammer, as it was just the right size – just experiment until you find one that matches your spiral. I think that the boys probably enjoyed using the hammer and it made this craft a bit more to their liking!

– Glue the paper to the cover, being careful to line the spiral holes and edges up well.

– Reassemble the notebook with the spiral wire.

– Embellish as desired. To get the ribbon effect along the edge, we simply tied a length (about 4 1/2″) of ribbon onto each wire in alternating patterns all the way across (or down) the notebook. Most of the boys used twine or leather cording to attach a pencil or to make a hanger across the top. Many of the children added ribbon across the front of the notebook for decoration.

All of the children really enjoyed making these and my own came home so excited that they spent most of yesterday making more. In fact, I hear them hammering in the other room now – so someone is working on one as I write. (either that or they’re taking the house apart – maybe I’d better go check – ok, everything’s fine.) Here are some of the notebooks that my kiddos created –

Sarah made these two at the club meeting –

And then she made this one at home yesterday –

Michael made this one, which he is hanging beside his bed. It has a list of people in it that he is praying for each night –

Tommy has made many (I’ve lost count!) in the last few days. Here are a few of his –


Even Anna made one too, with a little help!

This craft isn’t too challenging (kind of depends on the type of rings on the spiral), but is very rewarding, and creates a useful, personal notebook that can be used in many different ways. Laura has already started filling the one at the top with drawings of wolves!

Let me know if you try it!



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