Cute Kitties


Sarah took my camera outside the other day and came back with some really good pictures of the barn cats – I just had to share them, especially for you family members who didn’t get even a glimpse of them on Easter, when they went into hiding (probably in the barn).

We call this cute little guy “Edward” most of the time (he has had several names before, but this seems to be sticking). He is the short-haired one, and so looks smaller –



Wearing David’s new tricycle seat for a hat –


She only got one picture of the other cat, but it’s a beauty –


This cat, which we have called names like Alice and Fluffy, has recently been discovered to be a boy, so we have yet to come up with an acceptable boy’s name for him.

We are still trying to decide what to do with these guys. We have hit the point of needing to make a definite decision. If we keep them, we need to take them to the vet for shots, neutering, etc. I really don’t want 4 cats (although these two would probably stay outside), and I don’t like that they have decided that my patio garden is a great litter box, and the fact that they have already killed two birds at the feeders, and such challenges. . .but. . .they are just so cute that they are making it a hard decision. After all, it’s hard to resist a face like this –


I hope you have a wonderful weekend!