Happy Birthday David!


I am really late on this one, but wanted to share it anyway. David’s 3rd birthday was a few weeks ago, and he chose Chuck E. Cheese (as always) as the place he wanted to go to celebrate. Here are pictures of our fun outing – I must have been feeling pretty lazy that night, because all of the pictures are at the table – none around the rides and games, or maybe I’ve taken so many of those before that I just sat back and enjoyed the night – either way, here’s some of the ones that I did get –

Blowing out the candles on his cupcakes –


Time for presents –


A new tricycle! –


Some new glasses (a requested item) –


He wore his glasses most of the rest of the evening –


A new ball, always a favorite item on David’s list –


A big pizza and cupcake smile –


My baby is really growing up. I’m sure that in no time he’ll be as big as his brothers (notice the phones!) –


Thankfully, he still likes to snuggle up with his Mommy when he gets tired of all of his adventures, so maybe we can hold off on the cellphone for awhile!



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  1. Ugh, get me out of those pictures, woman! For this you owe me one of your movie nights

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