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Fun with Sticks


The kids had much fun outside on Sunday afternoon playing with expensive toys totally free sticks from around the yard and pond. Here is a bit of the story ~

Boy with stick ~


Another boy with stick (note the serious expression) ~


A boy without a stick ~


A girl going to find a stick ~


Coming back with . . . ~


a stick and a tree ~


A happy boy with a very big stick ~


Finding more sticks ~


or trees ~


A little pruning to create . . . ~


the ultimate light saber! ~


For little Jedis too! ~


If you collect enough sticks . . . ~


you can open up a stick store ~


Later you can take your sticks inside and paint them ~


The next morning when the dualing begins inside the house, you can hear the mother order all sticks to be taken back outside, to which a reply is heard, “But they’re painted sticks.” ~ I guess once a stick is painted, it earns the right to live inside.

Nevertheless, outside they went. And when the rain stopped in the afternoon, out the children went too, to continue their duals and battles. Imagine the boys’ excitement when they found out that their Keepers Club lesson this week would be fencing!


3 Responses

  1. Looks like spectacular fun! And I would also be the mom sending painted sticks outside. 🙂 I love your little guy’s face with no stick – so priceless.

  2. LOL I laughed so hard at this…. LOVE the boy without a stick xD poor Davie

  3. OH OH and the boy with a very big stick lol XD how did I miss all of this? Was I upstairs or somethin?

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