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Back Up and Running


Well, we had quite a week last week! A storm blew threw Wednesday evening which knocked out our power. We spent the evening camped out in the living room with candles and flashlights aglow. One by one the children fell asleep and we finally joined them, expecting to be awakened by the lights coming back on in the night.

We were surprised to find that the power was still out in the morning. It was refreshingly quiet in the house with no electonics, washers, dryers, etc. running. Finally around lunchtime the lights came back on – but only for about 10 minutes, and then they went out again. We kept expecting them to be back any moment – surely they were working on it, right? We went out to lunch and drove around town to see if the rest of the town was affected, which they didn’t seem to be, although we saw a number of downed trees and limbs around.

We spent the afternoon playing outside and swimming – enjoying the light of the sun, which was newly appreciated. I spent most of the afternoon working on my quilt. By dinnertime there was no sign of power, so we started to prepare for another night of darkness. I gathered more candles and set them around the rooms downstairs. I set two candlesticks with tapers on the table so that we would have a nice spot for playing cards and games when the sun went down. Still no power meant still no cooking in the kitchen, so Jeff ran out and picked up some pizzas for dinner.


As the sun set, we lit the candles and settled in for another night. It was a different atmosphere from the previous night, when we were sitting out a storm in the outage – expecting it to be a temporary inconvenience. Thursday night there was no storm – everything was calm, and we now had the feeling that we could be living like this for awhile. We’ve been learning alot about pioneer days recently, and we couldn’t help but talk about the similarities in what we were experiencing to what we’ve been learning – no electricity for lights, cooking, cleaning, entertainment. It was inconvenient and we all were looking forward to the return of our normal lifestyle, but at the same time – it was an adventure, fun and exciting.


We played Dutch Blitz for a little while, and then pulled out our In A Pickle game. It is a card game where you build words on each other and end up with some really funny sequences. The two littlest were asleep by this time, but we were having a great time dying of laughter over the game.



We fully expected to spend the night this way, when, to our surprise, the lights suddenly came on about 10:30 pm – we all cheered, but then we turned them back off and finished our game – the lights ruined the cozy atmosphere that we were enjoying, so while glad to have the lights back, we savored the last few moments without them. The kids camped out in the living room again that night, reluctant to give up the fun!

It was nice to have our power back Friday, but the Internet was still down. There was some damage to the tower which took them longer to get fixed. It finally came back Saturday, and we were back up and running in every way.

Our power was out a total of 27 hours – a new family record – although I’m sure some of you have experienced longer outages. It turned out to be a time of blessing; however, and one we will remember for a long time.

strcandlebl strcandlerd

I’ll be back later with my Daybook for this week!


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