Anna’s First Dentist Visit


Anna had her first visit to the dentist yesterday. She was so excited to be old enough to go, that she was counting the days down for a week before the appointment. She had been with me to a number of appointments for her siblings, so she knew what to expect. She had x-rays taken and then it was time to clean her teeth –


She watched “Little Bill” cartoons on the tv while her teeth were being cleaned and handled it all like a pro. A little while later, she had sparkling clean, gleaming teeth to show off –


Her favorite parts of visiting the dentist were going up and down in the chair, being given a goody bag complete with princess toothbrush and toothpaste, and picking a prize from the treasure box – she picked bubbles.

Alas, they did discover one cavity in her little mouth, so we will be making another trip back to have it repaired. When she heard this, her eyes lit up and she has asked me at least ten times in the last 24 hours when she will get to go back – let the countdown commence again!



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  1. She’s so cute!

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