The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ August 10

Good Morning! Here is my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . .a warm sunny day ~ a Mama Cardinal is teaching her baby to fly with much chatter and chirping, the Crepe Myrtles are full and lush, and the bird feeders under them have been empty too long, although the birds have had plenty of bugs to feast on all summer ~ maybe I’ll get around to filling them up this week.
I am thinking. . .how nice my newly cleaned out and organized bookshelf (next to my bed) feels, and how nice it will feel when the others are the same way.
From the learning room. . .I picked up some books on Monet at the library and we will be reading a little bit about his life and admiring his beautiful paintings some this week.
I am thankful for. . .a new week with new goals and possibilities.
From the kitchen. . .Chicken Stuffing Casserole tonight (Jeina’s version) with green beans and watermelon.
I am wearing. . .navy shirt and denim capris.
I am creating. . .lesson plans for the school year.
I am going. . .we are going to a wedding this weekend that will find two of my sons donned in a tuxedo and a new black suit. You can be sure that I will have my camera there!
I am reading. . .“Home Education” by Charlotte Mason ~ just starting it, I am going to go slow and ponder it as I read.
I am hoping. . .to remember to plant bulbs this fall for spring blooming ~ none of my daffodils came up this past spring and so I need to replace them with new bulbs ~ I may plant some tulips as well.
I am hearing. . .air conditioner running, children chatting, Sarah telling me what to write ~ she is an avid backseat writer whenever she sees me writing my Daybook post!
Around the house. . .our apple doll faces are shrinking and wrinkling on the kitchen windowsill, several games out on the table leftover from the weekend, shoes laying around, and lots of squash from the garden in a basket on the kitchen counter.
One of my favorite things. . .the “Donna Reed” show ~ Jeff gave me season one on dvd last year and Laura and I have been watching them every night for the last few weeks during our latenight movie time.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .more cleaning out around the house, an orthodontist appointment, more school planning, and getting everyone ready to attend the wedding this weekend.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .


Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook for this wonderful meme.

Have a lovely day!



3 Responses

  1. Apple head dolls are one of my favorite projects for this time of year.
    And Donna Reed! I haven’t thought about that show in years! I think I’ll check at the library and see if I can find it on DVD – thank you for the reminder.

  2. OH my…what a wonderful site you have! I’ve been poring over it for a while now after following your link from the simple woman’s daybooks…I’m so glad that you shared today! Your family is lovely, thanks for sharing them as well. Sounds like you are having a great week! I’m getting excited about school again as well. I’ve never head of apple head dolls so now I have have to look them up and find out about them…LOL Enjoy the day!

  3. I will be posting about our apple dolls when we get them dried and dressed.

    Thanks for visiting!

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