The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ December 14

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . .sunshine and breezy. The Christmas deer have been placed around the yard, some along a winding stream of blue lights; and the nativity scene is in its place out by the pond.
I am thinking. . .about and praying for my brother-in-law, Chris, as he is in surgery this morning.
From the learning room. . .Christmasy reading and life lessons.
I am thankful for. . .my two birthday children – Michael and Laura!
From the kitchen. . .French toast for dinner tonight.
I am wearing. . .navy shirt and sweat pants.
I am creating. . .shopping lists to maximize my time when I hit the stores after payday this week.
I am going. . .to try to get a little wrapping done this week, if I can.
I am reading. . .“A Place of Quiet Rest” by Nancy Leigh DeMoss.
I am hoping. . .that the stores still have everything on my list.
I am hearing. . .Muppets singing Christmas carols, feet running up and down the stairs. Waiting to hear my phone ring with an update from my sister on Chris.
Around the house. . .dishes and laundry to be done, Christmas tins on the kitchen counter filled with fudge, I’m not even going to mention (okay, I did) the rubbermaid tubs that still need to go back into the attic.
One of my favorite things. . .reading Christmas stories at bedtime with the littles.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .shopping, baking cookies and attending a Christmas Cookie Exchange at a friend’s house, ice skating, basketball and cheer practices, more shopping, celebrating Laura and Michael’s birthdays.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

Macey’s favorite new hiding spot

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and have a lovely day!



5 Responses

  1. Nancy,

    I have that book by Nancy Leigh DeMoss but I haven’t read it yet. You will have to tell me how it is.

    When are your kid’s birthdays? Mine is tomorrow and my son, Caleb’s is the 20th.

  2. Hi Cindy and Happy Birthday!!!

    Ours are right between yours – Laura’s is on the 16th – she’ll be 16!
    Michael’s is on the 19th – he will be 8.

    I hope you have a blessed birthday!

  3. What a wonderful picture of your cat. I read all of Nancy’s books. She’s a wonderful person. Happy birthday. Mine is on the 19th. It seems a lot of us have Dec birthdays. Have a great week. Doylene

  4. I have been reading that book for the past year off and on myself! She is a wonderful author, and seems to exude peace when I hear her speak. Peace to you and your family this Christmas!

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