My New Camera

As I mentioned in a post a bit earlier this year, I have a new camera that I am so excited about. It is a Kodak, like my original digital camera that died an early death when someone (who will still remain nameless) dropped it on the floor one day.

As replacement for my beloved Kodak, Jeff brought me home a different camera (which shall remain nameless). It should have been a good thing, but I never was able to make my peace with that camera. It may have been my problem, not being a professional photographer by any stretch of the word, but it seemed to me that I should be able to point and shoot and get a result that made me happy. I rarely did, and even then, only after much deleting and fidgeting with buttons.

So, for Christmas this year, Jeff surprised me with another new camera – this time another Kodak, hoping that history would repeat itself and I would bond nicely with it like I did my first one. Well, it was a good plan, because I started bonding with it from the first click of the shutter when I saw the nice clear result on my screen – oh, happy day! This one is a newer version of my original, and has one very nice difference – it is a lovely shade of blue – my favorite color, as you probably already know.

Since then, I have been pointing and clicking with great results, hardly even needing to delve into the depths of the camera menu. In fact, I finally did so, mainly out of curiosity, and found some neat settings that I might actually try to use someday. For now, I am more than happy with my “Auto” setting and the shots that it is giving me.

Here is the first picture I took with the new camera –

This was taken on Christmas day, on our way to my Mom’s house. These sleeping children had been up since 6 am, and were grabbing a nap before continuing the celebrating. It’s a remarkably clear picture considering that it was taken in a bumpy van going 70 mph.

Here was the next picture I took –

My Mom’s beautiful Christmas tree surrounded by so many presents. I love the way this picture came out.

I took this one at random, but love the way the camera captured the light coming in the window –

It even took this lovely nightime shot of the deer in our front yard with no trouble at all –

So, my camera and I are fast becoming good friends – I haven’t named it yet, like I did when I got the new laptop (okay, I’ll share it – her name is “Annie” – and yes, I may be going crazy), but I will when I come up with just the right name. Maybe having a camera I’m happy with will help with my blogging slump – when I have pictures to share, I find it much easier to sit down and write.

Have a wonderful evening!



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  1. I love the pictures you took with your new camera. My favorite is the one of the children, napping. That’s precious.

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