Our new Keepers of the Faith year has begun!

Keepers of the Faith is a club which meets at church once a month. The boys (and Dads) club is called Contenders of the Faith, and they meet separately from the girls (and Moms) club. Each monthly meeting the kids learn about one of many different topics – skills to learn, etc. During the rest of the month, they work at home on badges that they earn when they complete the requirements for the specific badges. The club runs from January to October each year, with a final Expo night held in November when the kids can share what they have learned, worked on, and the badges they have received during the year.

We held our first Keepers of the Faith meeting of the new year last week. The boys learned all about knife sharpening, while the girls wrapped candy bars in colorful papers and ribbons for gift giving.

Being the first meeting of the year, all of the children turned in a list of badges that they would be working on throughout the year. They can work on and finish other badges, too, but if they finish the ones on their list they earn a special “Finisher” badge. The badges are listed and explained in their handbooks, which are great resources for learning lots of new skills.

Here are the badges that my children chose to work on this year –

Bible Reading – The Pentateuch (Genesis through Deuteronomy)
Bible Memory – The Lord’s Prayer
Skills – Lapbooking
Ice Cream Making

Bible Reading – The Pentateuch
Bible Memory – The Lord’s Prayer
Skills – Card Making
Album making

Bible Reading – The Gospels and Acts
Bible Memory – The Widow’s Offering (Mark 12:41-44)
Skills – Lapbooking

Bible Memory – various Love verses
Skills – Ice Skating
Muffin Baking
Card Making
Snacks & Drinks (preparation)

I will share pictures throughout the year of their works in progress and the things they are learning in their club meetings. We have some fun meetings planned for this year – Volleyball, Honey Bees, Chess, Rip Circle Flower making, to name a few.

If you are interested in finding out more about the Keepers of the Faith program, you can go to their website – Keepers of the Faith – and check it out. The clubs can be run formally through your church or with other families, or you can simply work through the badges individually as a family. We were so happy to find this program already in place at our church when we started there 4 years ago.

Have a nice day!



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