Snow Day

We have had record snowfalls here the last 24 hours! It started falling around 6 am on Thursday and didn’t stop until about the same time this morning. Our measurement this morning when we got up was about 7 inches. Some areas of Dallas got 12 1/2 inches – a new record for the history books!

Needless to say we’ve spent the last two days playing in the snow, coming in to warm up, drinking hot chocolate, drying off mittens and clothes, and bundling up again to go back out. . . oh, and taking pictures – trying to capture the absolute beauty of the scenery, but never really being able to. Here are some of the shots that I got of the yard and the kids playing (especially for Wootsie!) ~

A beautiful shot of the pond with the snow falling ~

The picnic table on the back patio – our official measuring point – Sarah was our official measurer of the snow, running in and out all day to give us updates on how deep the snow was getting. This is what it looked like Thursday morning ~

Building snowmen ~

On one of their trips inside, Anna made and served hot chocolate to everyone (with a little supervision from Mom). She is working on her Snacks & Beverages badge for Keepers club, and this fulfilled part of the badge ~

I took the opportunity while in the kitchen to mix up some sugar cookie dough for our Valentine sugar cookies. It is chilling in the refrigerator until I get around to rolling and cutting it out ~

The children went out to play two more times before it got too dark and cold to be outside. By the time we went to bed it was still coming down strong. The picnic table looked like this ~

This morning the view outside the window was just magical! The trees were coated in snow, and the yard was a beautiful smooth white blanket ~

Here is what the picnic table looked like this morning ~

The kids were back outside as soon as they finished breakfast ~

The temperature has now creeped just above freezing, and the snow is melting off of the trees, although it is still all over the ground. We are glad because we can now drive to the store for some much needed groceries, but sad, too, because it is always such a magical treat when it snows here in Texas, and we have really learned to appreciate it while it’s here . . . and take lots of pictures to remember it by.

Stay warm and have a wonderful day!



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  1. I love the pictures of the children. I know they all had fun building the snowmen. I’m sure that hot cocoa tasted good after coming in out of the cold. You have so many tall trees and they were beautiful with the snow clinging to them. Here in the south, the snow is a treat since it melts so quickly, so we enjoy it while it’s here.

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