The Simple Woman’s Daybook ~ February 15

Here is my Daybook entry for today ~

Outside my window. . .The beautiful sun is shining today! Still a few little spots of snow in the yard, which is very wet and soggy. The birds have finally realized that there is seed in the feeders and are having a busy breakfast.
I am thinking. . .about different options for new rugs in the living room.
From the learning room. . .A day off of school today, then we will be digging into Olympic lapbooks with the older kids and the nest study with the youngers (which got replaced last week with Valentine and snow fun).
I am thankful for. . .my sweetheart, who has been spoiling me all weekend with goodies.
From the kitchen. . .Chicken Stufffing Casserole, applesauce, and salad.
I am wearing. . .my favorite outfit – white t-shirt and blue jeans.
I am creating. . .menu plans for the week.
I am going. . .to be cleaning up all those piles that have built up over the last week on all the surfaces in the living areas today.
I am reading. . .The Excellent Wife, my Bible, and a Jelly Roll Quilting book with lots of lovely patterns to consider.
I am hoping. . .the sun will shine all week long!
I am hearing. . .David talking, children singing silly songs, Michael playing DS next to me.
Around the house. . .lots of stuff to put away, floors to wash after much going in and out in the snow last week, Valentine candy wrappers, big tub of hats, scarfs and mittens to put away back in the closet.
One of my favorite things. . .the pretty new quilt fabric that Jeff gave me for Valentine’s – all of my favorite colors.
A few plans for the rest of the week. . .last week of basketball and cheerleading, shopping, ice skating, Ladies Bible study, cleaning house, and pulling up the old dirty rug in our bedroom and replacing it with a beautiful new blue and white rug which is smaller and will show the hardwood floors more.
Here is a picture thought I am sharing. . .

Red potatoes – I love them baked in the oven with butter and dill seasoning – recipe coming later this week!

Thanks to Peggy at The Simple Woman’s Daybook for this wonderful meme. Visit Peggy each Tuesday to find the list of daybookers participating in The Simple Woman’s Daybook.

Have a lovely day!



2 Responses

  1. So enjoyed your Daybook entry today. And, I do love the picture! Blessings to you this week!

  2. What a blessing to have a sweetie who spoils you for Valentine’s Day 😉 I hope you and your family have a wonderful week! ~ Kathy

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