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Quilt Notes

This past weekend has my quilting fever running high. I paid a visit to my local quilt store, which I was really excited about because they have moved to a new location since my last visit and I was eager to check out the new space. I was not disappointed because the new store is much bigger, with lots more fabric, and a wonderful atmosphere that makes me want to hang out there for unlimited amounts of time. (Jeff, just take deep breaths now . . . in . . . out . . . in . . . out).

While I was there I saw a beautiful new line by Nancy Halvorsen called “Garden Song”. It features this lovely panel with garden sayings and graphics ~

I especially love this part of the panel ~

The fabric line had several wonderful spring plaids and scrolly prints, and I was hooked, so I found a pattern for a panel-centered quilt and then set to work picking out fabrics to finish the quilt with. With the colorful busyness of the panel, I decided to go with calm blues and creams for the outside borders ~

I can’t wait to start working on this quilt – thus the beginning of my fever.

Little did I know, but Jeff paid a visit to the quilt store the same day to do a little Valentine shopping. It’s a good thing we didn’t run into each other and spoil his surprise! Well, on Sunday evening I was presented with this lovely new jelly roll ~

It is called “Flag Day Farm” – and he certainly knows me well, because it includes my favorite colors and prints in it. I had actually already purchased some of this fabric earlier in the year when it came out, but did not have enough for a quilt, so the jelly roll will come in quite handy. I have been perusing this book lately ~

And have a quilt already picked out that I want to make with this jelly roll, and, of course, I can’t wait to start this one either – my fever rises.

While out shopping this weekend, we purchased a new quilt for our bed (yes, I know – I should probably be making one, right? But we needed one now, not next year when I might possibly get one done!). It is a lovely blue and white floral patchwork that I simply love! Here is a little sample of it ~

So, with all this focus on quilts this weekend, I am burning up with the quilt making fever, so I sat down with my basket last night and finished up the blanket stitching on the December block of my Be-Attitudes quilt (also by Nancy Halvorsen) ~

I have a little bit of embroidery to do on these blocks, and a number of decorative buttons to sew on, and then I can start sewing the blocks together, adding the borders and then I will be ready to quilt it. This is my first quilt to actually get this far with, so it is really exciting.

And with all of the others (including about 4 or 5 I have been collecting but haven’t started, and didn’t mention here) waiting in line to be sewn, I will be nurturing my fever for quite some time!


6 Responses

  1. The Quilting Fever must be making it’s rounds….I’ve been a quilting fool lately.

    I’ve finished one, binding another, and cutting out a third! 🙂

  2. Your love of quilting is proof that you are related to your cousins, the Rice sisters and your great aunt Virginia. The Rices had the quilting fever like you, and as you know, made many beautiful ones.

  3. Can my girls and I come and visit you and learn how to quilt? I would love to learn and so would they!


  4. Oh, that would be fun, but I don’t think I’m the one to teach you! 🙂 I am just working on my first quilt, and am learning it as I go ~ I’m a little nervous about the quilting step, because I have never done it before!

  5. Is there a book you could recommend? Like a beginner’s guide to quilting? Bob’s oldest sister is an amazing quilter. She does seminars and has written books. She lives very far away and it is hard to get to talk to her.


  6. Cindy,
    I have posted a few recommendations in the post titled “Quilting Books”.

    Hope it helps!

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