Spring Sprouting!

I have been inside for so long that I didn’t realize what changes were taking place in the world outdoors. Yesterday the temperature was so lovely and warm that I took a walk around the yard and was so surprised to see that spring had arrived in our yard without my realizing it – not in full bloom by any means, but starting to sprout – the beginnings of spring, always a thrill!

Here are a few things that I found ~

Irises growing – they should be blooming by Easter ~

Maybe this year I will find out the name of this pretty little plant that comes back year to year and stays throughout the summer ~

My Daylily family is coming up ~

Lots of buds on the branches of this bush outside the kitchen window (I don’t know the name of this one either!) ~

And finally I noticed that the whole yard was starting to green up! ~

This morning we had a nice thunderstorm roll through, and the sun is now shining again. The temperature should be in the upper 60’s this afternoon – another wonderful sign of spring ~ porch weather!

Is spring sprouting where you live?



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  1. The little green plant looks like sedum to me.

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