Here a mouse, there a mouse, everywhere a mouse mouse . . .

We have recently acquired some new pets at our house. It started with Laura (doesn’t it always?), who wanted to use her money to purchase a pet mouse. Knowing that she was old enough to care for it completely on her own, we decided it would be alright. The 3 kitties in the house gave us a moment’s concern, but we figured that if something happened, it would be a good life lesson in responsibility, so off she went to the pet store with her dad to pick out a mouse.

They came home with the black and white mouse pictured above, who eventually was named “Panda” – a suitable name, I thought. Well, as should have been expected (I’m not sure why I didn’t), she was such a hit with the other kids that the inevitable question came up pretty quickly – “Can I get a mouse, too?” – spoken by Tommy and Sarah. Tommy had been wanting a hamster for a while, and Sarah just loves to mother anything she can. Jeff and I deliberated and finally decided to allow them to purchase the “rodents” with their own money, and with the understanding that they had full responsibility for the care of said rodents.

Off to the pet store once again. This time, we came home with a brown and white mouse (pictured above) for Sarah, which she named “Rain” after a horse in the movie “Spirit”; and a hamster for Tommy, who has been named “Cubbie”. The hamster is a Winter White hamster, which will supposedly turn white in the winter. Right now it is a grayish brown color with a stripe down it’s back –

Each of the mice is in a separate cage, and they travel around the house with their owners all day long – several times they have even traveled out and about in the car with us, too. So far they are all bonding nicely with their owners and we have only had one near tragedy when Edward (kitty) almost caught Panda while her cage was being cleaned – check off one lesson learned. We also had a situation with Cubbie, who decided to chew a hole in her water bottle, flooding her cage and requiring a new bottle asap. We’re hoping she won’t sabotage herself with this one.

We took this picture (and the one above) one day when Panda and Rain were visiting together in Laura’s cage – they get along fine and shared a run together in the wheel –

Cubbie loves to dig and hide under her bedding and is really fun to watch –

The humans aren’t the only ones having fun watching the new additions. All three cats (even the elderly Missy) have been spending much of their days (and nights) keenly watching the antics in the mousey cages. This is a common sight –

We only allow this when we are sitting close by keeping an eye on the situation. If they can’t be watched, they have to be kept safely up on a high shelf in their rooms.

Now, of course, I have been hearing Anna asking “Can I get a mouse?” I’m not willing to allow that yet – she’s only 6 and I’m sure that it would end up being Mom’s responsibility, not her’s, and I’m not in the market for more jobs at the moment. She will have to enjoy the three that are here now.

We’ve had a nice cloudy day here, with a little bit of rain. It’s nice, since we haven’t had much rain so far this summer. Hopefully, the clouds will keep the temperatures down a little, too!

Have a wonderful evening!



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