Laura’s First Job!

Yesterday was Laura’s first day on her first job! She is following two of her brothers by joining the Chick-Fil-A ranks. We are very pleased with this, because it is a great place to work – wonderful atmosphere and people. Of course, this means that Mom and Dad will be back in the chauffeur seat again, as Laura will need rides back and forth (we had a temporary vacation from this when Matthew bought his car), but she already has her sights set on a little black VW bug, so maybe it won’t be for too long!

She enjoyed her first day – all 3 hours of it – but that’s good – the first day is always the hardest, and now she’s looking forward to going back again and feels much more comfortable. And while Laura was experiencing her first 3 hours at work, the rest of us spent some time at the ice rink with a very special celebrity guest – can you say “Olympic gold medal winner”???? Pictures coming soon!

Have a nice day!



2 Responses

  1. So glad Laura’s first day at work went well. Having her work only three hours at first was a good idea. She gets her feet wet gradually.

  2. My husband’s first job was at Chick-Fil-A (in Tennessee) as well. He loved the atmosphere and he even became a manager at 16 years old! He loved that they were closed on sundays.

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