Seeing Gold!

Tuesday of this week Jeff got an e-mail from the ice rink saying that Evan Lysacek would be at the rink for a media shoot later that afternoon. We set aside all of our house organizing for the day, packed up skates and cameras and headed to the rink. We didn’t have to wait around long after we arrived – right on cue, around 4:00 pm, Evan arrived, along with Olympic gold medal gymnast Nastia Liukin –

He spent about a half an hour on the ice with the kids (sorry for the blur!) –

That’s Sarah there in the red shirt and braids –

He recorded a commercial spot for the upcoming Ice Skating/Gymnastics event in October –

He then spent some time on the ice “teaching” Nastia how to skate – more like holding her up while they skated around – it was a sweet scene –

Nastia recorded a commercial spot as well –

While she was busy, Evan skated around a little bit –

Just before he rode off into the sunset, we asked him to take a picture with the kids, which he graciously agreed to –

We are all looking forward to seeing him again in October. Tommy and Sarah have reserved spots at a special ice time with Evan for pointers, pictures and autographs, and to watch part of dress rehearsal for the ice skating program. Then we will be going to see the program, too, which promises to be wonderful. The afternoon was a fun, surprise addition to our day, and a great opportunity for the kids to see Olympic gold in person!



One Response

  1. What fun! Sounds exciting and the kids look happy to have met him. Good for them for ice skating…I can barely do it, but I LOVE to roller skate still. Happy Fall!
    Love, Kathy

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