Happy Labor Day!

I hope you are all enjoying a wonderful day of rest and relaxation today! We are about set to begin our Fourth Annual Labor Day Cup competition here (read about the last two years here and here). This year’s teams are:

    Team Pokemon – Michael and Dad
    Team Scooby Doo – Tommy and Sarah
    Team Invaders Zim – Anna and Laura
    Team Toy Story – David and Mom

The events in this year’s competition include –

    Balloon Toss
    Hockey Shoot
    Jarts Throw
    Balloon Launch (giant slingshot)
    Horseapple Roll
    Oreo Stack
    Croquet Putt (new this year)
    Relay Race (new this year replacing our usual finisher the car races – the kids thought they had gotten too big to fit in the little cars!)

Check back later and I’ll update with the winning team!

We will finish off the day with swimming, burgers on the grill, corn on the cob, and funnel cakes for dessert.

Have a wonderful day!


***Update: Team Pokemon (Michael and Jeff) ran away with the competition this year winning 4 out of the eight events! They were awarded gold medals and lots of candy for all of their winning events. Everyone is tired and satisfied this evening, after the day’s festivities. I’ll post a few pictures of our fun as soon as I can.***


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