Goals for the new year . . .

The beginning of a new year always gets me excited. The new year seems like a fresh, clean slate just ready for changes and improvements and growth. Maybe, too, the end of the busy month of December with all of it’s activities and “to-do’ lists gives me a feeling that I can tackle some of those important things that have slipped to the back burner.

So – every year around this time my thoughts usually turn to what I want to do next – what priorities need to be rearranged and how to go about doing so. I can usually be seen scribbling things in my notebook (my constant companion) – new lists, thoughts, and goals. While I am still tweaking these things, some of my main goals for the new year have been thought through and recorded in my notebook to keep in front of me. Here are some of the things that I want to accomplish this year, in no particular order ~

~ Lose some weight (is this at the top of everyone’s list?), which I hope to accomplish by healthier food choices and eating more meals at home.

~ Pare down possessions – an ongoing process.

~ Spend more consistent daily time studying and reading my Bible.

~ Trust God more.

~ Live thankfully, joyfully, and peacefully as a pattern of life.

~ Incorporate more quilting time into my days (so maybe I can actually finish some of these projects!)

~ Read more with the children.

~ Share my thoughts more with my husband.

~ Focus more on glorifying God and serving others than on pleasing myself.

Well, that’s a good start – I am excited about tackling these goals and look forward to enjoying the fruit that will follow. Have you made any goals for the new year yet?



One Response

  1. Nancy, your list is almost identical to mine. Weight is high up there, and living peacefully and joyfully…all I can say is AMEN! I hope that in spite of whatever circumstances life hands me that I will focus on God’s love and plans for me/my family, and trust Him. Then the peace and joy follow.

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