A Fun Snowy Day

Yesterday we were blessed with a fun and beautiful snowy day around our part of the world. The snow started to fall late morning and it came down hard ~

Most of the kids and I stayed home from church due to the wintry mix that was falling preceding the snow. I don’t like to be out and about in that stuff at all. We were all pretty excited to see those large flakes falling from the sky, but David was extra excited and kept reporting on everything that was being covered by it -“Your car is all covered in snow, Mom!” and “The pool toys are covered with snow, Mom!” and “The front part that’s not the sidewalk that’s by the sidewalk is covered up in snow, Mom!”

Even Macey was fascinated by the changing world outside ~

And Jack got to spend a warm and cozy day inside ~

About the time Jeff arrived home from church I determined that enough snow had fallen to make it worthwhile to send them all out in it to play. . . so out came the winter hat, scarf, and mitten box, and on went the warm clothes, shoes, coats and hats.

They headed out the front door all ready for fun in the snow ~

The snowball fights commenced quickly and children (and their father) were running all around the house and yard blasting each other ~

I went out to snap some pictures, but spent most of the day inside peering out the windows – after all, someone had to make the hot chocolate for the cold and weary snowpeople, right?

And I made some of these for everyone, too ~

Sarah stayed out the longest, since she was the only one who decided to build a snowman and she worked on it for quite awhile ~

After about an hour or so, most of the children were back inside to warm up and drink hot chocolate and warm cookies and watch “White Christmas” (yet again – I told you before it’s one of our favorites this year!)

I spent some time finishing up this little mini quilt ~ it is the first in a year long series. There will be a different mini quilt for each month that I can display on this pretty metal stand ~

After the movie was over the kids bundled up again and went out for another play in the snow before it got dark. I took a few more pictures ~

Laura took Jack out for a romp in the snow, which he thoroughly enjoyed ~

By bedtime there were wet coats, mittens, hats, scarfs, socks, shoes, and clothes laying around drying; and lots of tired, but satisfied children laying around also ~ they slept well indeed.



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