Winter Nature Walk

On Monday I took a walk with the kids around the property to see what we could find. The snow had stopped falling and the air was cold and still. We ventured farther than the day before when snowball fights and snowman building was the priority of the day. As we walked, I was amazed to find treasures in the winter landscape that would have gone unnoticed had I not ventured out – I was so glad that I did!

I love the look of snow on trees and so I took a few pictures of them, although the pictures never do the real thing justice. The red berries on the tree above really popped in the white snow – truly beautiful!

Icicles on the barn ~

We found a number of pretty evergreens blanketed in snow back by the creek ~

One of the kids had walked around in circles the day before and we came upon their tracks ~

And then we came across these tracks – behind the barn and leading down the peninsula and then down to the creek. We think it is probably from a deer ~

We spent alot of time inspecting these tracks and the creek at the back of our lot. My camera battery started to die and so I didn’t get as many pictures as I would like. I was able to squeeze out a couple more before we went back inside. We think that these little tracks were probably made by a squirrel. ~

Snowy nature walks are extra special around here, because we only get to take them once or twice a year. This was our first chance this year ~ we’ll see if we get another one in the next month or so.

Stay warm and have a wonderful day!



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