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Pretty flowers around the yard ~

I took a stroll around the yard with my camera and snapped a few flower pictures. The rose garden is in full bloom and looks and smells wonderful! These roses were all planted by the original owners of our house, and they are such a blessing to me. Here is a small sampling ~

We have planted various annuals around the yard as well – pretty Vinca on the front porch ~

Pink Impatiens on the table between the rockers on the porch ~

Another on the porch rail ~

A mixture of pretty flowers in a pot right outside the porch rail ~

I planted this assortment in the ground by another section of porch rail ~

In the herb garden there are a few little flowers planted amongst the herbs ~

Although gone now, Sarah took some beautiful pictures of the Irises when they were in bloom a few weeks ago ~

And the bush outside the kitchen window (I really need to learn it’s name!) that is all bloomed out now, but has kept my dish washing view lovely up until recently – not to mention the joy of watching all of the butterflies that were attracted to it ~

Jeff planted bright pink geraniums in the hanging baskets around the porch this year ~

David just brought me this pretty pink rose from the garden – it is resting on my journal until I take it in and put it in water on the kitchen windowsill – such a blessing ~

Have a wonderful day!



4 Responses

  1. I see you posted 3 of my pictures that I took! Haha!

  2. That bush is a Lilac bush. One of my favorites!

    Pretty flowers!


  3. It may be a type of phlox.

  4. Okay, I finally went online to try to identify it, and I think after researching a bit, I have decided that it is a lilac as Cindy said. I had been thinking that it looked like one, but was stumped because it does not have any fragrance, which lilacs are so famous for! I found out that there are some species of lilac that actually do not have a scent, and that others have less scent when it is cooler in the early spring, which is when this one always blooms. Anyway I’m glad to finally have the mystery solved.

    Kathy, I realized when I looked up Phlox that I actually have one of those planted as well – they are the purple flowers in the group of flowers in the ground by the porch rail ( 11th picture). You can’t see them very well in that picture, but Sarah took a beautiful picture of them that I forgot to post – maybe I’ll make it my picture thought for the next Daybook!

    Thanks for all of your help, ladies!

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