Some random pictures . . .

I finally uploaded the pictures from my phone that I had taken here and there – whenever my “real” camera wasn’t around (although I sometimes think that my phone actually takes better pictures!) Here is some of what I found –

Anna cheerleading in the Upwards program – she is the first one on the back row to the left ~

Michael and Jeff during a basketball game – Jeff coached Michael’s team this year ~

Some pretty ice crystals on the car window – you can tell this was a while back, probably from January or February ~

We saw the Oscar Mayer Weinermobile one day when we were out and about – how fun! ~

Some of the kids playing with toys in a bucket of water on a recent warm day – it was their solution to my “no” about swimming in the too cold big pool ~

My “Grandmama bench” on the front porch – called that because it is identical to one that my Grandmother had on her screened porch – sporting a new pillow for the new outdoor season ~

Pretty jars of homemade Strawberry preserves cooling on the counter ~

Anna and Sarah at American Girl posing in an exhibit for this year’s Doll of the Year ~

A Luna moth on the wall of a building I spotted while out one day ~

I also found some sweet ballet pictures and I have some of Tommy’s skate competition this past weekend, but I’m saving those for posts of their own. Be back soon!



One Response

  1. I enjoyed all of your pictures. The preserves look really good. Homemade is SO much better than what you buy at the store. I think I’ll make some soon.

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