Summer Theme Days

This summer Jeff and I decided to come up with special Summer Theme Days for the kids. I had been contemplating whether or not to do a summer camp for them like I did a few years back, but that seemed like more than I was up to this year. I did want to do something special and have special days to look forward to, so one evening we spent some time brainstorming and came up with this plan, which I think will be great fun and create some wonderful memories for all of us as well.

The plan is to set aside one day a week for a special Theme Day. The day will include a special activity, outing, or game; special themed food; and sometimes crafts. Each week the theme of the day is different. We came up with 11 fun theme days, which filled our summer, taking one week off during VBS. I will share the details about each of the themes each week as we live them, but here is the general list of the Theme Days that we have planned ~


    MarioKart Tournament
    Nature Day
    Western Day
    “Cars 2” Movie Day


    Bible Camp Day
    Wii Sports Tournament
    Hawaiian Day
    (Only 3 this month due to VBS week at church)


    Board Game Mania Day
    Mystery Day
    Wii Bowling Tournament
    Camping Day

The kids are really excited about our plans and looking forward to the fun we will have each week (me too!).

If you think you might like this idea for your family and have any questions about any of these days (since I won’t really be talking about them until they take place), I will be happy to let you know what we are thinking about ahead of time. I don’t have them all completely planned yet, but have ideas and thoughts for each of them.

Our MarioKart tournament is today, complete with special snacks and prizes for all. I’ll post more about our day in my next post.

Time to start our engines . . . Laura and I are up first in the tournament.

Have a nice day!



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  1. that is soo fun!!!

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