Monthly Mini Quilts

I signed up for a monthly mini quilt program at the quilt store last December. Every month I pick up a packet with a pattern and fabric to make a mini quilt themed to that particular month. these are fun quilts to make because they are small and are quick to finish. They consist of a pieced background with an appliqued design. I must confess that I have changed the fabrics on a lot of these from what the quilt store gave me – just personal preferences.

At the beginning of the program I purchased a table stand to display the monthly quilt. It has a removable topper, and each month, with the packet, I get a new topper that fits with the theme of the month. I keep mine on the piano in our living room.

Here are the mini quilts that I’ve made so far –

January ~

February ~

March ~

April (this was originally a bright color scheme, which I changed to pastels.) ~

May ~

June ~

July (I like this one for the second half of July, but I am planning on designing a patriotic mini quilt to display for the first part of the month.) ~

I haven’t made the August quilt yet (yes, I’m behind!), but it has a popsicle/ice cream theme. I have started the September mini quilt – it still needs buttons and quilting to finish. Here is how it looks so far ~

I am hoping to design a Back to School themed mini quilt (maybe apples?)to take the place of this quilt, and then move this one to October (the planned quilt is a Halloween theme, which I don’t really prefer). November will be pumpkins and Thanksgiving, and December a Christmas tree. I think a small nativity quilt would be nice for December as well, so I may some day try to work that out.

If you’re interested in getting the patterns for these mini quilts, they are made by Patch Abilities, Inc. Their website is

I hope to share a few of the blocks from my Farm Fresh applique quilt with you soon, as well as some from The Tree of Life quilt that I started over the summer.

Have a nice day!



3 Responses

  1. Absolutely WONDERFUL! 🙂 So cute.

  2. Thanks Michelle!

  3. Very cute and lovely!

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