A Visit from NASA!

Last week we had a fun surprise – NASA came to town with a test model of the new Orion spaceship. I was working on dinner when Jeff called. He had stopped for gas at a nearby truck stop on his way home from work, and he said that there was a flatbed truck carrying a space capsule parked there. I put dinner on hold and we all jumped in the van to go see. When we got there we joined a number of other onlookers who had stopped by to check it out like we did. Everyone had their phones and cameras out taking pictures and I was no exception! Here are a few of the shots that I took –

At first we thought it might be a part of an old Apollo space capsule, but later at home I went to the website written at the bottom of the trailer and found out that it was a test capsule for the new Orion space program. The inside of the capsule was empty – it was really just the framework that was there, as it was used in testing I suppose. The testing had been going on in New Mexico, but the capsule is now on it’s way to Kennedy Space Center in Florida. It is making stops along the way in Oklahoma, Texas, and Alabama to give people a chance to see it. We happened to be at one of it’s overnight stops before heading into the Dallas area. You can read more about this at this NASA website.

It was a really neat surprise and an impromptu lesson for the kids on both the Apollo space missions, as well as the new Orion plans. One of the things I love about homeschooling is seeing how many lessons the Lord brings our way when we least expect it!

Have a great day!



3 Responses

  1. How exciting you happened to see the real test model! And thank you for sharing, Nancy. Enjoyed very much.

  2. Nancy,

    This exhibit came to OKC too! We loved it. The astronaut we got to meet was wonderful. He was a Christian. We had a great time.


  3. How cool is that? Love to see things traveling on the interstate but I really like “space things.” I wonder if kids think these things are as cool as I do. So glad you included the extra information. Wow!!!

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