Dusting Off the Blog


Hello!  I have been gone for quite awhile now, haven’t I?  I’d like to say that I’ve been off touring the world or rescuing kitties from the infamous cat jugglers, but, I’ve just been here, busy with my little nest, watching children grow, living day to day.  A bit of water has gone under the bridge – the Lord has had me in His classroom, with precious lessons to teach, some through beautiful moments and others through difficult ones – all of infinite value.

In dusting off my blog, I am also dusting off my computer, which has been sitting idly by while my attentions went away to my IPad, and then to my IPhone, when the IPad grew too old and slow.  It sure is nice to be looking at a bigger screen again!  Unfortunately, I am having to relearn my computer and my blog dashboard (which is always seeming to be in a state of flux!), and I am sorry to say that there have been challenges, folks, some that have already brought me to the brink of tears as I wrestle with techy things I know not about. (Don’t worry too much about me, though – at my age, something brings me to the brink of tears almost daily!)

I will be calling in the tech squad (aka my older kids) for help, and together, we will hopefully get past said challenges and my computer and I will become fast friends again.  I apologize for any weird looking glitches that might occur while I tinker around and reacquaint myself with this lovely technology!

Looking forward to catching up with you!






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