Blackberries Galore!


We’ve been enjoying these lucious beauties for most of the month of June and there are still more coming in now that we’ve turned the corner into July.  We originally started out with a number of blackberry plants, but have only this one good one that has established itself well.


Every year this bush has gotten bigger and produced more berries.  This year’s harvest has been very abundant!  We planted four new bushes this spring to replace others that didn’t make it.  I hope that they will grow to rival this one in the years to come.  They are all planted along the pool fence, and I envision the whole back side of the fence being heavy laden with blackberries someday!



We like to eat blackberries right off the bush while we’re out swimming.  We also have been keeping a big bowl of them in the refrigerator to snack on throughout the day.  And of course, I also used some to make my Grandmama’s Blackberry Cobbler for dessert one night – Yummy!


I thought about canning some blackberry preserves, but we may eat them up before I get around to it.  I have always loved blackberries and am so happy to have them growing outside my back door!

Have a lovely day!




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