Test Post from my IPad

Hello!  I am testing out blogging from my IPad mini today.  My computer is having some challenges, and I decided to see if bypassing the computer with my tablet would be a viable option.  I’ve been playing around with it to see what different buttons do and how things work.  I must admit I am proud of myself for figuring out how to link my tablet to the wireless keyboard – quite an accomplishment for this old dog!  (Edited to report that the keyboard dumped me before I finished the post – “pride goeth before a fall”!)

I will keep trying some things out, so if the blog looks weird at any point, rest assured that I am probably in learning mode (possibly shedding tears of frustration – cue the teenagers rolling their eyes) and will hopefully figure it all out shortly.  

I hope you’ll come along with me as I dust the cobwebs off my little corner of the blogosphere and dip my toes in the water of writing once again.  Maybe I’ll even take a full dive into the sea if I am able – and if this wonderful technology will agree to work with me instead of against me!

Hope all is well wherever you are!



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