Bad Cold Busted

It fought hard, this cold nemesis.  It had me down for the count. . .or at least for many, many days.  I fought hard, too.  I rested, drank fluids, took cold medicine, blew my nose, and coughed diligently.  After about a week, I felt I better. I thought I had done my time.  This euphoric feeling lasted one day.  LIttle did I know that my enemy had just pulled back to regroup.

I woke up on Day 8 dizzy, with an intensifying of all of my cold symptoms.  I continued my battle plan from the week before, hoping to stay ahead of it.  On Day 11, I woke up with pain in my sinuses and  decided it was time to call in the Cavalry, so I made an appointment with the doctor.  Diagnosis:  acute sinus infection, ear infection, and possible bronchitis.  My enemy had really knocked me down, but now it was time to bring on the big guns and take this cold down once and for all. 

My doctor sent me back into the battle armed with these weapons of cold warfare –


I was so excited to have the help and the hope of a return to good health.  The battle wasn’t quite over though.  It was another 3 days before I started feeling like I was on the road to recovery. That beast of a cold had dug in deep and didn’t want to leave easily.  It is now 19 days since the start of this lovely adventure, and while my cold symptoms are practically gone – just a slight lingering cough – I am still trying to regain my strength after the long hard fight.   

In the end, all but 2 members of the household ended up participating in the 2016 Family Cold Event, all in varying degrees, and thankfully noone but me ended up needing the big guns to defeat it.  

It wasn’t all horrible.  There were lots of hours of HGTV, lots of rest and relaxation, and, when my head wasn’t spinning, I got some work done on my Varsity quilt.  After spending the time figuring out the diamond/triangle piecing method, I was able to get all of the triangles sewn rather quickly to the diamonds, and even got a row of diamonds sewn together!

So, that’s what I’ve been busy with the past few weeks. I hope things are better at your home and that you and your’s won’t have to battle the icky cold bug this winter.  We don’t really get sick like this too much around here, so I can’t complain.  Just glad to be on the upward swing again.  And the lovely spring weather we’re having this week is a true spirit lifter!

Have a lovely day!



My dear little friend is back!

I have been so sad since my camera – my beloved blue Kodak that Jeff gave me for Christmas – stopped working one day mysteriously. It has been a couple of months now, and while Jeff was kind enough to loan me his camera for the duration, it just wasn’t the same, and I found myself just not really taking many pictures. And no pictures puts a serious dent in my blogging – as you may have already noticed.

Anyway, we were a bit slow in getting all of the information we needed to get it sent in under the warranty, but we finally did it and off it went to the camera hospital. I was nervous about sending it away, because if they couldn’t fix it they would be sending me a refurbished substitute – which I would be thankful for, but face it, I was attached to my pretty blue friend, and didn’t want to part with her.

The service company was great on the customer service end – notifying us when they received the camera and then notifying us again in less than a week when they shipped it back to us. But, their e-mail didn’t say whether they were sending my camera or a stranger.

The other day UPS delivered a small package to me which when opened revealed my dear little friend herself, all fixed up, cleaned up, and ready to be put back in service. She was even returned in her original box, that we sent her off in. Immediately I tested her out and she complied beautifully!

The only thing to do was to blog about it and in the course of coming up with the title of this post I happened upon the perfect name for my camera (which I had been searching for “in my spare time” ever since I received it). So, my little blue Kodak has now been dubbed “Dlf” or “Dear little friend” to borrow from Narnia’s C. S. Lewis ~

“Look here,” said Edmund, “need we go by the same way that Our Dear Little Friend came?”
“No more of that, your Majesty, if you love me,” said the Dwarf.
“Very well,” said Edmund. “May I say our DLF?”
“Oh, Edmund,” said Susan. “Don’t keep on at him like that.”
“That’s all right, lass – I mean your Majesty,” said Trumpkin with a chuckle. “A jibe won’t raise a blister.” (And after that they often called him the DLF till they’d almost forgotten what it meant.)

Oh, such excitement over such a silly little thing!


Okay . . .


. . . so, this is what someone Googled that led them here –

بدلة العريس

Any ideas what this means? Or even what language it is in? And why in the world did Google send them to my site when I’ve never written anything remotely similar to this?

Ah, the mysterious world of the computer . . .