Cozy Kitty Weather

Today is a bit of a gray, chilly, windy day. A definite “blustery day” as Winnie the Pooh would say. On days like this, I usually find the kitties all curled up in various spots around the house keeping warm. One of Edward’s favorite new spots to snuggle up is on the top of the love seat in our bedroom. If I were a cat, I think I’d like it too – sunk down in the pillow, surrounded by warm blankets. So cozy!  


When he’s not in this spot, Edward is usually snuggled up next to my pillows on the bed, a spot I’m not too keen on, since I tend to be allergic to cats, but I hate to deprive him of since he’s such a sweet & timid cat. I will usually gently nudge him away from my pillow, but even that tends to make him run off. Edward was adopted from our barn when he was a little guy, and still has a bit of a fearful temperament. 

Here is sweet Macey, all curled up and adorable. She sleeps like this a lot and I can never resist taking pictures of her when she does!  When they look this cuddly, I just want to scoop them up and hold them, which I often do, much to their chagrin.


Grace is famously known around here for sleeping in any box, basket, or container that is found on the floor.  She is a funny, quirky kitty, and it’s always fun to find her tucked into a little unexpected spot.  

Not to be outdone by the cats, even Rowan can be found all snuggled up, enjoying a nap on a day like today.  This weather makes all of us want to stay inside and drink hot chocolate, play games, and watch movies – one of my favorite things about winter.  Oh, and sew. . . this weather definitely makes me want to sew.  Excuse me while I go thread my machine. . .

Enjoy your snuggly home today!



A Day of Contradiction

I am sitting outside on my porch this afternoon. It is a beautiful, springlike day with the temperature in the 70’s. The birds are singing, the sky is blue and the windows are open in the house, taking in this wonderful fresh air. Part of me is rejoicing in this day and enjoying this rare departure from winter.

Here is where the contradiction comes in. My heart is heavy. We are taking Cookie to the vet in a little while for the last time. We thought she was going to make it – that she was on the road to recovery and would go back to her old cheerful, perky self. But she isn’t. She has gone completely blind in recent days, and is not functioning at all. Her diabetes has run her body down to the point of multiple complications. We have had to make a very hard decision once again, and had to tell the children once again that we are losing a pet.

There will be tears, but I know that it is for the best and that the sun will shine again in our hearts soon – just like it is shining in the sky above me.

If you have a moment, would you please pray for us tonight?


Update on Cookie

As you can see, Cookie, our 11 year old Shih Tzu, is doing much better now. She was diagnosed last week with diabetes and was suffering from multiple other problems, most likely as a result of her body being so sick with the diabetes. After spending two nights at the doggy hospital, we brought her home and she has been making a steady recovery ever since. We are giving her insulin shots twice a day – Laura is the main one who does this, as Jeff and I both stuck ourselves the first time we tried! 🙂 Cookie does great with this, and doesn’t seem to feel any discomfort. She is also getting an antibiotic once a day, and drops in her eyes three times a day to cure an ulcer that developed in her right eye. Her eye is not healing as fast as the vet would like, so we are still a little concerned about that. She wouldn’t eat the first two days we were home, and we had to give her a high-calorie supplement three times a day. We were so happy when she was finally feeling well enough to have an appetite and started eating on her own again! She is still not completely back to normal strength, but compared to how sick she was a week ago, she’s doing great. I’m so glad we decided to treat her and am thankful that she has responded so well and is on her way to good health again.

Have a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back with you next week!



We’re a bit sad around here right now. We lost our kitty Missy yesterday, and are still adjusting to her absence, missing seeing her in her favorite spots, and remembering her. We got Missy when she was a tiny kitten. My brother’s neighbor had found two little kittens, too young to be without a mother, but no mother was anywhere around. This sweet lady took the kittens in and bottle fed them until they were old enough to eat food. We took the little black one home to be our pet. That was 16 years ago.

After she grew out of the kitten phase of her life, Missy settled down to a normal adult kitty life – sleeping, eating, sleeping, playing, sleeping – you know how it goes. She wasn’t always a very friendly cat, but she loved our kids when they were around the age of pre-teen/teen, and would spend her time in their room, and always greeted them when they came home from somewhere.

In the last year or so, Missy started to really show her age – she started to slow down and got really thin and feeble. She wouldn’t climb into the litter box anymore, and so Jeff started laying newspapers outside the box for her. He got the job of cleaning up after her daily for the last year, which he did even though he is really not much of a cat person.

The last couple of months, her health really declined, until we finally knew that it was time to let her go. It was one of the hardest things I’ve ever done, driving her to the vet. That was yesterday. There have been tears all around the house, and questions from the younger children as they deal with the loss of their pet. Today we buried Missy under a tree in the front yard and said a few words. Anna added berries and flowers ~

We will miss her.


Our Poor Sick Cookie

Last night we spent about 3 hours at our vet with our dog Cookie – she is the black and white doggie on the right in the picture above. Cookie is an 11 year old Shih Tzu, and for the last two weeks she has been losing weight rapidly. This week she started to act differently – she moved slowly, drank large amounts of water at one time – which her stomach would then throw back up, and got progressively worse each day until yesterday she wouldn’t eat and just laid around all day. We set up an appointment and took her in to the vet.

After running a blood test on her and examining her and hearing her symptoms, the vet diagnosed her with diabetes. She has other things going on as well, probably due to her depressed immune system – dehydration (from throwing up), possible liver problems and internal infection. We were left alone to decide whether to treat her or put her to sleep. The vet felt that if we could get her past this crisis, she might go on to live for a number of more years, with daily insulin. She couldn’t guarantee that Cookie would respond well to the treatment, though, because she was so sick.

After much thinking and discussion, we decided to go ahead and treat her and see how she would do. The vet put an IV in her to start fluids and get her rehydrated and kept her overnight. This morning they started her on insulin and are watching her to see how she responds. When we called they said that she was feeling a little better, but that she is still refusing to eat. They will continue to give her insulin today and fluids, and keep watching her. If she hasn’t eaten by tonight, she will stay overnight again. We aren’t really sure what’s going to happen with her at this point, and are praying that God’s will would be clear and that He would heal her if that is what is best.


Here a mouse, there a mouse, everywhere a mouse mouse . . .

We have recently acquired some new pets at our house. It started with Laura (doesn’t it always?), who wanted to use her money to purchase a pet mouse. Knowing that she was old enough to care for it completely on her own, we decided it would be alright. The 3 kitties in the house gave us a moment’s concern, but we figured that if something happened, it would be a good life lesson in responsibility, so off she went to the pet store with her dad to pick out a mouse.

They came home with the black and white mouse pictured above, who eventually was named “Panda” – a suitable name, I thought. Well, as should have been expected (I’m not sure why I didn’t), she was such a hit with the other kids that the inevitable question came up pretty quickly – “Can I get a mouse, too?” – spoken by Tommy and Sarah. Tommy had been wanting a hamster for a while, and Sarah just loves to mother anything she can. Jeff and I deliberated and finally decided to allow them to purchase the “rodents” with their own money, and with the understanding that they had full responsibility for the care of said rodents.

Off to the pet store once again. This time, we came home with a brown and white mouse (pictured above) for Sarah, which she named “Rain” after a horse in the movie “Spirit”; and a hamster for Tommy, who has been named “Cubbie”. The hamster is a Winter White hamster, which will supposedly turn white in the winter. Right now it is a grayish brown color with a stripe down it’s back –

Each of the mice is in a separate cage, and they travel around the house with their owners all day long – several times they have even traveled out and about in the car with us, too. So far they are all bonding nicely with their owners and we have only had one near tragedy when Edward (kitty) almost caught Panda while her cage was being cleaned – check off one lesson learned. We also had a situation with Cubbie, who decided to chew a hole in her water bottle, flooding her cage and requiring a new bottle asap. We’re hoping she won’t sabotage herself with this one.

We took this picture (and the one above) one day when Panda and Rain were visiting together in Laura’s cage – they get along fine and shared a run together in the wheel –

Cubbie loves to dig and hide under her bedding and is really fun to watch –

The humans aren’t the only ones having fun watching the new additions. All three cats (even the elderly Missy) have been spending much of their days (and nights) keenly watching the antics in the mousey cages. This is a common sight –

We only allow this when we are sitting close by keeping an eye on the situation. If they can’t be watched, they have to be kept safely up on a high shelf in their rooms.

Now, of course, I have been hearing Anna asking “Can I get a mouse?” I’m not willing to allow that yet – she’s only 6 and I’m sure that it would end up being Mom’s responsibility, not her’s, and I’m not in the market for more jobs at the moment. She will have to enjoy the three that are here now.

We’ve had a nice cloudy day here, with a little bit of rain. It’s nice, since we haven’t had much rain so far this summer. Hopefully, the clouds will keep the temperatures down a little, too!

Have a wonderful evening!


What happens when I open a window for the first time in months . . .

During our warm spell last week, we were treated to lovely springlike weather for a little bit, so I opened my bedroom window to let some fresh air in. The above picture is the scene I saw when I looked up a few minutes later. The cats had all smelled the outdoor air wafting through the open window and had congregated next to the window awaiting a chance to sit and breathe it in. As none of the kitties really are best friends – merely tolerating each other – they won’t allow another kitty to share the windowsill with them, so the first one to arrive got the seat (namely Missy), leaving the others sitting by to hope for a turn sometime soon.

The next hour found all of the kitties playing musical windowsills with a new one hopping up into the window everytime one of the others hopped down. It got quite comical watching them!

After Missy got down, Edward was next to claim the spot –

A few minutes later, I looked up and saw this – Macey had claimed her turn –

Macey jumped down for some reason, and guess who took over –

I looked up a few minutes later and . . .

This went on for quite some time between the two of them. Missy, being an old lady, knew that she wasn’t quick enough to keep fighting for a spot, and went back to her chair for a nap. The other two kept us laughing for awhile longer.

But then, who can blame them? I was certainly enjoying having the window open myself, and was perched on my bed next to the window for as long as the children would let me!

We may have to wait awhile for another round of musical kitties – they’ve forecasted rain and snow for the next 48 hours. Oh, well.