Bad Cold Busted

It fought hard, this cold nemesis.  It had me down for the count. . .or at least for many, many days.  I fought hard, too.  I rested, drank fluids, took cold medicine, blew my nose, and coughed diligently.  After about a week, I felt I better. I thought I had done my time.  This euphoric feeling lasted one day.  LIttle did I know that my enemy had just pulled back to regroup.

I woke up on Day 8 dizzy, with an intensifying of all of my cold symptoms.  I continued my battle plan from the week before, hoping to stay ahead of it.  On Day 11, I woke up with pain in my sinuses and  decided it was time to call in the Cavalry, so I made an appointment with the doctor.  Diagnosis:  acute sinus infection, ear infection, and possible bronchitis.  My enemy had really knocked me down, but now it was time to bring on the big guns and take this cold down once and for all. 

My doctor sent me back into the battle armed with these weapons of cold warfare –


I was so excited to have the help and the hope of a return to good health.  The battle wasn’t quite over though.  It was another 3 days before I started feeling like I was on the road to recovery. That beast of a cold had dug in deep and didn’t want to leave easily.  It is now 19 days since the start of this lovely adventure, and while my cold symptoms are practically gone – just a slight lingering cough – I am still trying to regain my strength after the long hard fight.   

In the end, all but 2 members of the household ended up participating in the 2016 Family Cold Event, all in varying degrees, and thankfully noone but me ended up needing the big guns to defeat it.  

It wasn’t all horrible.  There were lots of hours of HGTV, lots of rest and relaxation, and, when my head wasn’t spinning, I got some work done on my Varsity quilt.  After spending the time figuring out the diamond/triangle piecing method, I was able to get all of the triangles sewn rather quickly to the diamonds, and even got a row of diamonds sewn together!

So, that’s what I’ve been busy with the past few weeks. I hope things are better at your home and that you and your’s won’t have to battle the icky cold bug this winter.  We don’t really get sick like this too much around here, so I can’t complain.  Just glad to be on the upward swing again.  And the lovely spring weather we’re having this week is a true spirit lifter!

Have a lovely day!



Finding time to blog . . .

I want to be here. I want to write, but life seems to be taking all of my minutes these days. I have thought about quitting blogging until life settles down, but that might be years, and I really do want to capture our memories here for the future. Not to mention that I miss the creative outlet of writing. Therefore, I am thinking about my days, trying to reorganize my activities and time to plan a regular time for writing and posting here. I am looking forward to sharing with you all again soon!


Well . . .

. . . I haven’t actually been fishing, but I have been gone, as you might have noticed. And I have no excuses to make, sorry, but I just have been enjoying my summer and that has left little time for blogging. What have we been doing? Well, the short list includes:

    ~ Summer Theme Days

    ~ Going to the movies

    ~ 4th of July Celebrations

    ~ Cow Appreciation Day at Chick-fil-a

    ~ Sleepovers with friends

    ~ An evening at the Ballpark

    ~ Birthday Celebrations

    ~ VBS at church

The long list would include library trips, reading, horseback lessons, ice skating, and lots and lots of swimming.

I have begun to feel the pull of Fall; however, (maybe these 106 degree temps have something to do with it) and am feeling the desire to think about plans, routines, and back to school. This hopefully will put me back into the blogging mode, as well! I have much to share and will return asap to get started on that!

Hope you’re having a good day – and staying cool wherever you are!


Be Back Soon!

Life has been really busy lately and I just haven’t had time to keep up with the blog. I hope that things will slow down a bit soon and that we will get into a routine with school and I will have time to get back to writing again.

I hope that you are all doing well, and that your school year is off to a good start!


You know it’s time to dust when . . .


the children start using the furniture to practice their handwriting. Guess I let it go a little too long!


Hungry Kitty?


The other day I sat down on my bed (my favorite quiet spot) to eat lunch. A few seconds later Macey jumped up on the bed ~ her nose had picked up the scent of my chicken sandwich ~ and proceeded to stare at me, licking her chops in anticipation of a feast. I grabbed my camera and snapped a few pictures of her in action, all the while protecting my lunch from the beast.

Please, may I have some of your chicken sandwich?


Yes, I mean that one . . .


I reeeealllly want some . . .


What’s this? Do I hear my girl coming? She’ll give me some.


Yay! My girl is the best!


Yum, yum, yum . . .


But I still want your chicken sandwich . . .


(She never did get any of mine, though ~ I have to share my food with little people, I gave up a long time ago sharing it with the animals!)


A Finished Project!


I started this project many months ago. I did half of it and just never was able to get around to the other half. What is the project, you ask? Wallpapering my kitchen backsplash with this lovely gingham wallpaper. I had been thinking about doing it ever since we moved here 4 years ago, but wasn’t sure whether it would be too busy with my cabinets. I finally decided to go ahead and I am so pleased with the results – especially now that the job is finally completed. Here are a few more pictures –



(sorry for the blur!)

And yes, I do realize that I have a snowman picture hanging over my cooktop. I originally hung it there at Christmastime (which gives you a clue how long ago I started this project) and I liked the size and frame, so I decided that I would stamp a new picture for the inside so that it could hang there all year – maybe even stamp a picture for each season that I could change out all year round. Well, obviously it hasn’t happened yet – but I have hope. If I can finish one project – I can finish another! And maybe even someday I’ll make some progress on that infinite list of projects that I have in my head to get done!


What’s Living Behind Your Furniture?


Beware! This post contains harsh realities and fuzzy findings! Continue reading at your own risk. Really, it’s not that bad – it could have been much worse than this – in which case, I may not have been so willing to share it with you. If you have an aversion to dust, feel free to skip this post entirely.

As I mentioned in my Daybook yesterday, Michael (7) was in a real cleaning mood yesterday. I don’t know if it was the Dr. Pepper he had for lunch (not a normal occurence) or the driving force of earning a dollar, but he kept coming to me asking for more work. To his credit, the paid jobs came after his initial independent decision to clean the entire living room, as well as do his other afternoon chores without being told and before our normal chore time.


Anyway, one of the jobs that he asked to do was to clean out behind our entertainment center, which is a mostly neglected area, not high up on the list of places to clean up regularly, and so generally forgotten . . . until you are hunting for a missing DVD or video game, and then you muster up your courage and dive into the mix of cords, dust and whatever else has found it’s way back there. It doesn’t help that our entertainment center is rather large and therefore, has lots of space behind it for gathering . . . things.


So, what did Michael find while on his expedition to rid our home of this particular black hole? Well, I asked him to tell me, while I jotted down his findings so that I could share it with you (whatever was I thinking?).

Here’s the list he gave me –




-Dust (we won’t even talk about how much)

-Video games

-Uno card

-Toy figures

-Cheeseburger – no, it wasn’t real – a toy from Anna’s play kitchen.

-“Soft, gray thing” – which turned out to be an old tissue covered in dust – he was wary of diagnosing this himself and called me in to investigate. My first thought at his description of it was, “Oh, no, I hope it’s not a dead mouse!” Needless to say, I was quite relieved to find that it was not.


-Duplo block


-Cords (LOTS of them)

-MarioKart steering wheel


-Dirty socks

So, there you have it. No, I’m not proud of it, but not too disturbed either. In a house with this many people, including small children – you just learn that there are priorities in life, and the floor behind my entertainment center is just not one of them right now – unless, of course, you are seven years old and looking for income anywhere you can find it – even in dusty, uncharted territory.


Hmm. . . maybe he’ll decide to dive under the couches next. But I really might not have the courage to tell that story.


A Busy Week


I have been a bit down on my posting this week . . . it’s been a a busy week!

Last Sunday was our son Ryan’s 21st birthday, and we took him out to lunch after church to celebrate.

Wednesday was our son Robert’s 24th birthday. We also spent the day with Jeff’s dad who was in town for a visit. We cooked out burgers and hot dogs, went to the park in the afternoon, and then out to dinner to celebrate Robert’s birthday.

The next day (yesterday) was our 26th anniversary. Jeff and I spent the afternoon at the movies (Star Trek) and then went shopping in the historic downtown shops that we love, followed by dinner out at Chilli’s.

So, you see why I haven’t been posting very much! Actually a few times I sat in front of the computer, just staring as I couldn’t come up with anything to say – I guess my brain was occupied everywhere else! And I didn’t even think to take pictures other than a few at the park, such as the one you see at the top.

Today I will be making a quick run to the grocery store for ingredients for a meal for our friends at church who have a new baby son. After I deliver the meal this afternoon, we will all be relaxing in the pool for awhile – maybe I’ll find my brain again floating around in the water – if there’s not too much yelling and splashing that is!

I love Friday nights because I just prepare something easy for the kids (sometimes I call an FYO night and they “Fix Your Own”), and then Jeff cooks out steaks or chicken for the late night crew after the rest are tucked in bed. Jeff always gets to pick the movie on Fridays, which we watch while enjoying our meal.

I’ve just been summoned to view the latest critter finding in the pool – a baby turtle.

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!


A Little Fun

“You are most like Frodo. You’re very friendly, and you have a great personality. Although you like to have fun, you can also be pretty serious at times. It’s pretty hard to get you mad, but once you’re mad…everybody better look out! Keep that temper under control and realize that you’re better off than you may think.”

Having re-watched the Lord of the Rings trilogy a few weeks ago, I was interested in doing this little quiz when I ran across it somewhere on the Internet. I think it was pretty accurate in describing me. Wonder if the family would agree?

If you want to see which Lord of the Rings character you’re most like, click on the box below to take the quiz. I’d love to hear who you turn out to be!

What LoTR Character Are You?