Bad Cold Busted

It fought hard, this cold nemesis.  It had me down for the count. . .or at least for many, many days.  I fought hard, too.  I rested, drank fluids, took cold medicine, blew my nose, and coughed diligently.  After about a week, I felt I better. I thought I had done my time.  This euphoric feeling lasted one day.  LIttle did I know that my enemy had just pulled back to regroup.

I woke up on Day 8 dizzy, with an intensifying of all of my cold symptoms.  I continued my battle plan from the week before, hoping to stay ahead of it.  On Day 11, I woke up with pain in my sinuses and  decided it was time to call in the Cavalry, so I made an appointment with the doctor.  Diagnosis:  acute sinus infection, ear infection, and possible bronchitis.  My enemy had really knocked me down, but now it was time to bring on the big guns and take this cold down once and for all. 

My doctor sent me back into the battle armed with these weapons of cold warfare –


I was so excited to have the help and the hope of a return to good health.  The battle wasn’t quite over though.  It was another 3 days before I started feeling like I was on the road to recovery. That beast of a cold had dug in deep and didn’t want to leave easily.  It is now 19 days since the start of this lovely adventure, and while my cold symptoms are practically gone – just a slight lingering cough – I am still trying to regain my strength after the long hard fight.   

In the end, all but 2 members of the household ended up participating in the 2016 Family Cold Event, all in varying degrees, and thankfully noone but me ended up needing the big guns to defeat it.  

It wasn’t all horrible.  There were lots of hours of HGTV, lots of rest and relaxation, and, when my head wasn’t spinning, I got some work done on my Varsity quilt.  After spending the time figuring out the diamond/triangle piecing method, I was able to get all of the triangles sewn rather quickly to the diamonds, and even got a row of diamonds sewn together!

So, that’s what I’ve been busy with the past few weeks. I hope things are better at your home and that you and your’s won’t have to battle the icky cold bug this winter.  We don’t really get sick like this too much around here, so I can’t complain.  Just glad to be on the upward swing again.  And the lovely spring weather we’re having this week is a true spirit lifter!

Have a lovely day!



Test Post from my IPad

Hello!  I am testing out blogging from my IPad mini today.  My computer is having some challenges, and I decided to see if bypassing the computer with my tablet would be a viable option.  I’ve been playing around with it to see what different buttons do and how things work.  I must admit I am proud of myself for figuring out how to link my tablet to the wireless keyboard – quite an accomplishment for this old dog!  (Edited to report that the keyboard dumped me before I finished the post – “pride goeth before a fall”!)

I will keep trying some things out, so if the blog looks weird at any point, rest assured that I am probably in learning mode (possibly shedding tears of frustration – cue the teenagers rolling their eyes) and will hopefully figure it all out shortly.  

I hope you’ll come along with me as I dust the cobwebs off my little corner of the blogosphere and dip my toes in the water of writing once again.  Maybe I’ll even take a full dive into the sea if I am able – and if this wonderful technology will agree to work with me instead of against me!

Hope all is well wherever you are!



Busy Days


I’m sorry for being missing in action this week.  It has been a busy week, with finishing up schoolwork (last day for us today!) and getting ready for our graduation celebration coming up this weekend.  I’ve been planning and putting together decorations for the dinner to honor Ryan’s college and Tommy’s high school graduations.  I’ll post more of this next week after the fact.


I’ve also been spending some time learning my new laptop computer(!!!) that Jeff and the kids gave me for Mother’s Day. All of my big kids chipped in with Jeff to buy it for me!  Since I started back blogging, I was getting a bit frustrated (i.e. tears of despair) with my old computer, so the surprise was a really great one!  I’ve been busy getting acquainted with my new girl and transferring photos and documents over from the old one.


I’m planning a post upcoming about our great time at the homeschool bookfair last weekend. Saturday evening we were able to hear the Duggars speak and give their testimony, which was really great!  Here’s a sneak peak of the girls meeting one of their Duggar favorites, Joy Anna ~


I’ll be posting about the books I brought home this year, too, but here is a picture of my favorite purchase – this beautiful homeschool planning book – I can’t wait to start using it!


The inside pages are so lovely! ~


I’ll work on getting these posts up next week.  Until then, I hope you have a wonderful weekend!



Finding My Way Back


Hello all!  It has been quite some time since I have blogged on a regular basis. I think that in a sea of busyness, it just became one more thing to try to find time to do. But I do miss it and want to begin fitting the time back into my days to share my thoughts and happenings with you.  I’ll be back soon to share a recipe for the cheesy chicken enchilada casserole that we had for dinner last night.   Looking forward to visiting with you again!



Porch Weather in July??


I can hardly believe it, but I am actually spending this afternoon camped out in my rocker on the front porch – AT THE END OF JULY!!! This is unheard of here in Texas, where July usually means 100 degree temperatures. The temperature right now is in the upper 80’s, but there is a cool northern breeze blowing and the porch is nice and shady, and it is completely and beautifully comfortable here. There are dishes and laundry to be done in the house, but they are just going to have to wait – this weather is simply too wonderful to waste!

Sometimes it is just what is needed to relax, rest, and reflect. That is what I have been doing this afternoon. I do some of my best reflecting on my front porch, surrounded by the trees, and the beauty of nature. I was reading about Elijah in the book of 1 Kings, and came to the part where he was nourished and given rest by the Lord. God cared so tenderly for him and gave him a break to rejuvenate him. What a blessing to be reminded that these rest times are so important in our life!


This day began with a bonfire in our side yard! One of our piles of dead and discarded tree branches (we have 2 of these) had gotten so tall that it needed to be taken care of, so our neighbor came over and helped Jeff prepare and burn it. It was our first time to burn a pile, so it was really nice to have our neighbor’s help and know-how. The wood was so dry that it didn’t take long to burn down to a big pile of ash. It is still smoldering now, and will be throughout the weekend. We tried to roast some marshmallows earlier, but we couldn’t get close enough to cook them due to the heat being put off by the pile! We’re going to try again later this evening and see if we can make some S’Mores.


I took some pictures today of the little ladies also, so I will try to get a chicken update posted soon. They’re not little babies anymore – they’re almost to laying age! I am so much enjoying having them! They are living in a pen under the trees by the pond, but soon we will be letting them out during the daytime hours to free range the entire property. Here’s a sneak peek picture of the girls ~


Have a wonderful evening, and I’ll be back with you again soon!


Playing Around with my Blog Design


I’ve been playing around with my blog this afternoon – trying some different backgrounds and colors, and updating the fonts. I’m planning to update the header a little bit, too, with some help from my daughter, as soon as I can get her to sit down with me.

I’ve recently added yellow walls to our home and am loving it, so I thought I’d spruce up the blog as well. Please bear with me while I play around with things. 🙂


Porch Weather


Porch weather is upon us again, and I am trying to make full use of it before the heat of our Texas summer arrives and I’m driven back indoors!

As I sit on my front porch, I can hear various different birds singing their spring songs, and the wind blowing through the trees, who are becoming more and more green every day. Someone down the lane is building something. . . I hear the tap…tap…tapping of a hammer. Possibly our next door neighbor preparing a new pen for their growing flock of chickens, ducks, and bunnies. We have a chicken project to begin soon, too! – cleaning out Jack’s old pen and setting it up for the chickens we plan to start raising this spring.



Our irises are blooming off of the left side of the porch, and many of the rose bushes in the rose garden are showing colorful flowers as well.



I purchased these new perennials last weekend to plant here by the right side of the porch, joining the daisy that already lives there. Hopefully, they will come back each year and bless us with their beauty.


Jeff planted some lovely Petunias and Impatiens in pots on the front porch. The pretty pink Impatiens are right next to me on the table between the rockers. I really love them!



There are bags of soil, compost, and peat moss piled up by the driveway, waiting to be mixed and poured into the new raised beds in the big garden in the side yard. I will post pictures of this year’s gardens in a forthcoming post.


The temperature here today is 82 degrees. We are expecting rain in a day or so and a drop in temperature to the 60’s. Porch weather at it’s finest!


I hope you can get outside and spend some time enjoying spring in your neck of the woods!