Cozy Kitty Weather

Today is a bit of a gray, chilly, windy day. A definite “blustery day” as Winnie the Pooh would say. On days like this, I usually find the kitties all curled up in various spots around the house keeping warm. One of Edward’s favorite new spots to snuggle up is on the top of the love seat in our bedroom. If I were a cat, I think I’d like it too – sunk down in the pillow, surrounded by warm blankets. So cozy!  


When he’s not in this spot, Edward is usually snuggled up next to my pillows on the bed, a spot I’m not too keen on, since I tend to be allergic to cats, but I hate to deprive him of since he’s such a sweet & timid cat. I will usually gently nudge him away from my pillow, but even that tends to make him run off. Edward was adopted from our barn when he was a little guy, and still has a bit of a fearful temperament. 

Here is sweet Macey, all curled up and adorable. She sleeps like this a lot and I can never resist taking pictures of her when she does!  When they look this cuddly, I just want to scoop them up and hold them, which I often do, much to their chagrin.


Grace is famously known around here for sleeping in any box, basket, or container that is found on the floor.  She is a funny, quirky kitty, and it’s always fun to find her tucked into a little unexpected spot.  

Not to be outdone by the cats, even Rowan can be found all snuggled up, enjoying a nap on a day like today.  This weather makes all of us want to stay inside and drink hot chocolate, play games, and watch movies – one of my favorite things about winter.  Oh, and sew. . . this weather definitely makes me want to sew.  Excuse me while I go thread my machine. . .

Enjoy your snuggly home today!