My Family

I thought I would introduce you to the members of the family – that way when I mention someone, you won’t have to say, “Now, which one is that, again?” You can just jump over to this page and refresh your memory. So, here goes:

Jeff – my sweet dh. He is a meteorologist by degree, an environmental consultant by profession. He loves baseball, especially Chicago Cubs baseball, sports card collecting, severe storms (especially photographing them, although I think he would really rather chase them, than wait for them to come to him!), his Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, his family, serving at our church, evangelism, mexican food, and seafood (which he only gets when he goes out with his brother) – of course, not in that order!

The children:

Robert (29) – Our firstborn and first to fly out of the nest. He is smart, caring and responsible, and a loyal and faithful friend to those around him.  He is a master at web design and computer tech support.  Robert is currently working for a major computer & video game development company and lives a little farther away, so we don’t get to see each other as much as I’d like (mama heart showing!)   He loves computers, board games, video games, Batman, Bruce -his little Yorkie, and spending time with friends.

Ryan (26) – Our secondborn son – he is our peace amidst the storm! He can handle any situation with patience, kindness, wisdom and gentleness. He is an inspiration to me in many ways. He is a wonderful leader and encourager of people. He loves reading, writing, playing board games, and serving others. Ryan works as a pastoral intern at our church.  He is graduating this spring (2015) from Moody Bible College with a degree in Ministry Leadership.  Ryan has been married to our precious daughter-in-love, Jessica for a couple of years now and they just moved close by, which I’m thrilled about.  They are in the process of becoming foster to adopt parents, which means that we will soon become grandparents!!

Matthew (24) – “Mattie”, as he is known around here, has always been our curious child – in that he is always wondering how things work, what will happen if. . ., and why something does what it does. He loves to take apart anything in his quest to answer these questions! He is a strong, persistent young man, who has a sensitive heart for God. He is my resident tech support guy, and also loves baseball, cats, and Chipotle.  Mattie has completed his bachelor’s degree  in Criminal Justice, and has just graduated from the Police Academy.  He is working as a manager at Chick-Fil-A and living at home for the moment, while searching for a job as a police officer (cue the mama’s praying heart!).

Laura (21) – Our first girl, she is sweet, strong-willed and independent.  She has a tender heart for people and for animals (especially dogs), and wants to have her own animal rescue someday. She designs beautiful websites and is working on growing a web design business (she did my banner!), loves drawing, anything Japanese, cars, and her mini Australian Shepherd, Rowan (you’ll see lots of pictures of him, he keeps us quite entertained!).  Laura is also a manager at Chick-Fil-A and is hoping to travel to Japan next year.

Tommy (18) – He has my grandfather’s big blue eyes and easy going nature. He is very smart, kind, and caring. He loves to laugh and always brightens up my day. Tommy spent a number of years training as an ice skater, but has now moved on to other things.  He is graduating from high school this year and will be entering college next fall to begin studying Computer Science.  Tommy also works at Chick-Fil-A, and in his free time enjoys playing video and board games, spending time with his friends, and traveling.

Sarah (17) – Our second daughter. She is our sweet “Sarah Sue” (although her middle name isn’t Sue!). She has a sweet, sensitive spirit, and loves to serve others. She can usually be found curled up with a good book, planning an activity for her siblings, or recording videos for her YouTube channel.  She loves reading, photography, horses, chatting with friends, and helping me in the kitchen.  Sarah wants to pursue writing in her future and would love to visit Scotland someday.

Michael (13) – Our fifth son, and newest teenager.   He is very smart, sweet and witty, and loves jokes and laughing. He has a “million dollar smile” and is an avid reader. He loves video games, watching movies and YouTube, and spending time with his friends.  Michael has recently started recording video game reviews on his own YouTube channel.

Anna (11) – Our third and youngest daughter.  She is sweet, shy and sensitive and can usually be found turning cartwheels around the house these days, as she has recently developed a love for gymnastics.  Anna also loves snuggling with her kitty, baking, nature, reading, and designing. . .anything.  She is very creative and likes to put her unique touch on the world around her.

David (9) – Our sweet baby boy, although growing up fast! He is all boy, but still enjoys hugs from his Mommy. He is very kind and loving, very orderly and meticulous, and enjoys hanging out with his big brother, Michael.  He loves playing Nintendo and Minecraft on the computer, playing outside, reading books, and playing with Laura’s dog, Rowan.

Well, that’s all of us!  Except for our three cats – Macey, Edward, and Grace, and Rowan, the dog, who keep life interesting.  I can be heard many times referring to our household as a three-ring circus, but it’s a wonderful circus and I wouldn’t want it any other way!  (just hand me a pair of ear plugs and a cold drink and give me a moment on my front porch before the next act begins!)  😉


12 Responses

  1. Nancy,
    Came to your site via “Toddled Dredge”, and your blog is just lovely. Very humbling and inspiring! I, too, feel like a new blogger, though it has been a few months now since I started … I just like to “blog” and can’t seem to concern myself much with the design of it all!
    I may stop by again now and again,

  2. Jolyn,
    Thank you for your kind words! They say that the blogging is more important than the design, so it sounds like you’re doing just fine! Come by again sometime!

  3. Hi Mom! I love you! Can’t wait till we can go out again on a day out together! Love,your daughter Sarah!

  4. Nancy,
    I was at lunch today with your dh (dear heart/husband?) and he told me about your blog and I just wanted to say how wonderful it was for me to learn more about you and I really like what you have to share! My db (dear brother) is indeed blessed to have you, as are the kiddos!
    I look forward to our next game of Monopoly and appreciate who you are in this world. Perhaps I could do another guest teacher day?
    Take care,

  5. Brett – Thank you for your kind words! I am really enjoying recording my thoughts here – although it seems like I have way more thoughts than I have time to share!
    We’ll have to plan another Monopoly night again soon, and we would love to have you do another guest teacher day – maybe in January, when we start back strong again. Think of a topic!


  6. Hi Nance! I loved reading your latest comments on Christmas Eve. The pictures were great! Love the one with the children icing the cookies.
    Also liked the one of your official icing tester!! In that picture, Ryan reminds me of Trey. I thought of him the minute I saw Ryan. Your description of the night the kids were chasing the kitty with the mouse was so vivid, I could picutre the whole scene. It was funny to me, although I’m sure no one else was laughing at the time, especially you!!

  7. You are blessed, indeed!


  8. So nice to meet your family. I look forward to hopping around on your blog when time permits.

  9. You… STILL need to update this……

  10. Wow, mom. You are 2 years behind!!!!!! :O

  11. hi mom it is michael you realy need to update this!!!!

  12. Okay, okay. . . finally updated!! ;o)

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